Leather Armour

Our leather armour is crafted from armour grade leather (13-15 oz.) which ensures long life and durability. Because of this, just about all of our leather armour (except for the leather helmets) is appropriate for the SCA. We also have some leather armor crafted from 7/8 oz. leather which is best for theater or LARP. It is also great for LARP and other Re-enactments or for hanging out at the Renaissance Fair. We have leather armour from traditional medieval styles to awesome fantasy styles. We have leather arm armour which has leather bracers, pauldrons, wrist bracers and gauntlets. Our leather leg armour contains leather greaves, sabatons, and full leg armour. Leather breastplates, cuirasses and harnesses are located under our leather body armour section. Finally we have leather gorgets, bevors and mantles for neck armour protection. Our leather armour is priced right with a peasants pay kept in mind. In other words, for you modern folks, it is pretty affordable. So have a look and see what we have to offer. Any suggestions are welcome, as are custom orders. See each individual item for leather thickness and other details.
Full Suits of Leather Armour and Leather Armour Packages
Full Suits and Armour Packages

We have put together some of our most popular leather armour pieces and now offer them as sets. If you are looking for a full suit of leather armour or a package deal of leather arm bracers, leather pauldrons, leather gorget, leather greaves and such, then you are in the right spot! You will save when buying any armour package as opposed to buying the pieces individually. Our leather armour is made in either 7/8 oz. or 13/15 oz. thickness. Our Leather Armour is great for SCA, LARP, re-enactments, renaissance fairs, movies, theater and costumes!

Leather Arm Bracers and Wrist Bracers
Leather Arm Bracers

We have so many different styles of leather arm and wrist bracers that will compliment your outfit and keep your forearms protected. Our leather arm bracers are designed to protect the wrist and forearm. All arm bracers and wrist bracers are sold as a pair. Our leather arm armour is hand made from top quality leather. We use 13/15 oz. armor grade leather and 7/8 oz. LARP grade leather. 13/15 ounce leather is required for use in the SCA and our 7/8 ounce leather is best for LARP and theater productions. Several of our leather arm bracers and leather wrist bracers are sold as a pair.

Leather Breastplates, Medieval Breastplates, SCA Leather Breastplates, and LARP Leather Breastplates
Leather Breastplates

A breastplate is a plate or set of plates that covers the front of the body from the neck to a little below the waist. Breastplates are the oldest pieces of body armour and were worn in the middle ages. Medieval Collectibles leather breastplates are hand crafted from 13/15 ounce and 7/8 ounce leather. Our leather breastplates are great to wear alone or over a chainmail shirt. Our leather breastplates are great for LARP and LRP events as well as SCA events.

Leather Brigandines, SCA Leather Brigandines, Medieval Brigandines and LARP Brigandines
Leather Brigandines

Leather brigandines are a revised version of the earlier coat of plates. Brigandines featured small leather or steel plates sandwiched in between two pieces of suede. Leather brigandines first surfaced in the 14th Century and became very popular in the 15th Century. Brigandines made of leather were used by everyone, from archers and knights to bandits and outlaws. Our leather brigandines allows re-enactors flexibility while providing protection to the upper body. Our leather brigandines are made of quality leather and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Leather Cuisse Armour, Leather Thigh Armour, and SCA Leather Cuisse Armour
Leather Cuisse Armour

Medieval Collectibles has leather thigh armour, also know as a cuisse, which protects your upper leg. Some styles of our leather thigh armour include attached knee cops to protect the knee cap. Leather thigh armour is made of top quality leather. Our leather thigh armour is perfect for SCA re-enacting and LARP events. Our leather cuisse and thigh armour are custom made to ensure a proper fit and provide total protection of the leg.

Full Leather Arm Armour, SCA Leather Arm Armour, and LARP Arm Armour
Leather Full Arm Armour

Our full leather arm armour will protect your upper arm, elbow and forearm. Most are made of heavy 13/15 oz. armour grade leather and some from 7/8 oz. LARP grade leather. Our leather arm armour is great for use in the SCA, LARP or in theatrical productions. Our leather arm armour is hand made from top quality leather. We have many styles of leather arm armour like the Milanese and Mercenary arms.

Full Leather Leg Armour, SCA Leather Leg Armour, and Medieval Leather Leg Armour
Leather Full Leg Armour

Here you will find full leg armour that protects the lower legs, knees and thighs. Full Leather leg armour is crafted from high quality leather. Our quality full leather leg armour is great for SCA and LARP events and functions. Our full leather leg armour is custom made to ensure a proper fit and provide full leg protection.

Leather Gauntlets, Hand Armour, Leather Gloves, and Medieval Gauntlets
Leather Gauntlets

Protect your hands in style with our quality leather gauntlets. Most of our leather gauntlets are made from quality leather, which ensures long life and durability. Medieval Collectibles leather gauntlets will protect your hands and wrists in sword fighting. We have full leather gauntlets and half gauntlets available. Our leather gauntlets come in various colors, sizes, and styles. Medieval Collectibles has leather gloves to provide a better handling of your medieval sword too.

Leather Gorgets, SCA Gorgets, Medieval Leather Gorgets and LARP Leather Gorgets
Leather Gorgets

Medieval Collectibles has a full selection of leather gorgets. Our leather gorgets are designed to protect your neck and part of the shoulder area. Leather gorgets are made of heavy 13/15 oz. armour grade leather, which is SCA legal, and lighter 7/8 oz. leather. We have many types of leather gorgets that come in a wide selection of colors to match your leather armour, and some are custom made to your neck measurements.

Leather Greaves, SCA Leather Greaves and LARP Leather Greaves
Leather Greaves

Medieval Collectibles has the largest selection of medieval leather greaves on the internet. Our leather greaves are made from quality 13/15 oz. armor grade leather or 7/8 oz. leather. Our leather greaves are suitable for the SCA and LARP events. We have traditional and fantasy styled leather greaves. Our most popular leather greaves are the banded greaves. Our leather greaves come in a variety of color options. Leather greaves are designed to protect the lower part of the leg and sometime the knee too.

Leather Harnesses and Leather Cuirasses
Leather Harnesses

A leather harness is a piece of armour that includes both a breast and back plate, also known nowadays as a cuirass. We have many different styles of leather harnesses for you to choose from. Elven warrior armour, Roman Lorica segmentas, and Greek hoplite armour, as well as classic Medieval designs, are just a couple of the leather cuirasses and leather harnesses that we carry. A leather cuirass provides complete full upper body armour that protects the chest area from the shoulders to the waist line. Some of our leather harnesses are custom made to your measurements to provide the proper fit and protection during an SCA event.

Leather Headbands, Leather Headdresses, and Medieval Leather Headbands
Leather Headbands

When you want your armored outfit to stand out from all the others on the battlefield, consider wearing one of our high quality leather headbands. These medieval leather headdresses come in various styles, including leather circlets, leather diadems, fantasy headbands, Renaissance headbands, Viking headbands, Celtic headbands, childrens leather headbands, and more. These leather accessories offer regal style to your armor ensemble.

Leather Helmets, SCA Leather Helmets, and LARP Leather Helmets
Leather Helmets

Medieval Collectibles has leather helmets that are great for LARP, re-enactments, hanging out at the fair, or fighting with your SCA buddies. Our leather helmets are designed with the best quality leather, to better protect the head during re-enactments. We have leather helmet styles like the Barbuta, German sallet, pig faced bascinet, Viking, crusader, comb morion and Lord of the Rings inspired helmets. Our leather helmets will complete your entire leather armour protection.

Leather Pauldrons, Leather Spaulders, LARP Pauldrons and SCA Leather Pauldrons
Leather Pauldrons

Medieval Collectibles has a great selection of different types of leather Pauldrons and leather Spaulders that include elven pauldrons, gladiator pauldrons, Milanese pauldrons, mercenary pauldrons, and molded spaulders. Our leather pauldrons and leather spaulders are made from 13/15 ounce leather and 7/8 ounce leather which ensures long life and durability during SCA re-enactments and LARP events. Our leather pauldrons come in one piece or are articulated. The plates of the leather pauldrons cover the shoulder and upper part of the arm, overlapping each other to provide good protection when worn.

Leather Sabatons, Foot Armour, and Medieval Leather Sabatons
Leather Sabatons

Medieval Collectibles has leather sabatons that will complete your armour ensemble and keep your feet protected. Our Leather sabatons are made of quality leather and are designed to protect the foot from being chopped off by a axe or sword during re-enactment. Leather sabatons are custom made to your foot size and designed to fit over your shoes. Our leather sabatons are a necessity for any knight.