Roman Camping Gear, Roman Stools, and Roman Fire Pits
The Romans, particularly legionnaires with the army, were intimately familiar with the act of camping. When on long marches away from home and civilization, the Roman forces would have no choice but to break out their Camping Gear in order to create a safe and secure place for the army to rest.
Roman Armour, Lorica Segmentata, and Muscle Armour
Roman armour was the last line of defense against the enemy during battle. Medieval Collectibles carries many pieces of historical Roman armour. We have Roman body armour such as Lorica Segmenta, scale armour, and muscle armour. For leg protection, we carry Roman greaves and gladiator greaves. Arm protection includes Roman bracers and gladiator arm guards.
Roman Clothing, Roman Sandals, and Roman Belts
At Medieval Collectibles, we have a wide selection of Roman apparel for men and women. Our high-quality Roman clothing and gladiator attire includes pieces like Roman tunics, Roman belts, Roman sandals, Roman war skirts, and more. Whether you want to dress as a centurion, legionnaire, senator, or gladiator, these re-enactment items will work great for creating an authentic look.
Roman Coins, Roman Aureus Replicas, and Roman Denarius Replicas
Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer a wide array of collectible Roman coins based on historical currency found among ancient ruins and museum collections. These Roman emperor coins come in designs cast in pewter with antiqued or gold-plated finishes. Our Roman coin replicas come in various denominations, from the small as to the major denarius and aureus.
Roman Daggers, Roman Pugio Daggers, and Gladiator Daggers
At Medieval Collectibles, we carry an excellent selection of Roman daggers, many of which are replicas of weapons that have been preserved in remarkably good condition in museums. Our Roman pugio replicas and gladiator daggers are ideal for collecting and historical re-enactments. When legionnaires were in close formation with an enemy, swords or spears could become impractical, yet these kinds of Roman knives could still be wielded.
Roman Gifts, Roman Pencil Toppers, Roman Pin Badges, and Roman Key Rings
Medieval Collectibles provides a great assortment of Roman gifts that make great presents for anyone who happens to love Roman history and culture. These Roman collectibles are inspired by historical symbols and figures from culture and mythology, and they show off excellent detail. We carry Roman keychains, Roman pencil toppers, decorative thimbles, Roman pin badges, Roman pens, Roman miniatures, Roman letter openers, and more odds and ends.
Roman Helmets, Gladiator Helmets, and Centurion Helmets
Medieval Collectibles carries a wide variety of Roman helmets for collectors and re-enactors, such as Roman crested helms, gladiator helms, Roman soldier galea, Imperial Gallic helms, and Greco-Roman helms. These centurion and legionnaire helmets are sure to impress with their high-quality construction and attention to detail, especially when paired with other Roman armour.
Roman Jewelry, Roman Pendants, and Roman Bracelets
Medieval Collectibles offers an excellent range of historical jewelry, including pieces inspired by the history and culture of ancient Rome. Our Roman jewelry includes excellent Roman necklaces, Roman rings, Roman bracelets, Roman earrings, and Roman pendants for men and women. Our antiqued pewter and gold-plated jewelry pieces make excellent gifts with gorgeous designs worthy of a Roman emperor or empress.
Roman Pilums, Roman Polearms, and Roman Spears
Roman soldiers typically carried a javelin-like historical polearm called a pilum into battle. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer pilum replicas in various weights and sizes, as well as a series of other Roman spears and gladiator tridents. Some of our Roman polearms are meant for training and use, while others are more decorative and designed for costume use and display.
Roman Shields, Gladiator Shields, and Roman Scutums
Medieval Collectibles carries excellent decorative and functional Roman shields and scutum replicas in various shapes and sizes. Many of these legionnaire shields, centurion shields, and gladiator shields display intricate artwork showing laurels, wings, scorpions, and other symbols. We also carry Roman shield bosses that can provide additional detail to your metal or wooden shield.
Roman Statues, Roman Chariot Statues, and Roman Soldier Statues
Medieval Collectibles carries a wide array of Roman statues that are great for adding a touch of Roman style and elegance to any room. These Roman figurines include Roman mythology statues as well as other designs depicting characters as varied as Roman soldiers and Roman emperors. Our centurion statues and legionnaire statues come in a variety of sizes and finishes, including some that have been brightly colored or gilded.
Roman Swords, Gladiator Swords, and Roman Gladius Replicas
Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent selection of fully functional Roman soldier swords like gladiator swords, Roman spatha, Mainz gladii, Pompeii gladii, sica swords, Roman dolch swords, and more. Many of our Roman centurion swords and legionnaire swords can be used for stage performances, re-enactments, or historical events, while other decorative swords are ideal for collectors.