Pirate Clothing

Medieval Collectibles provides a wide variety of pirate clothing for men and women to enjoy. Our pirate apparel displays bright colors, bold patterns, elegant braid, shiny buttons, and other excellent details. We carry pirate coats and jackets, pirate vests, pirate shirts and blouses, pirate pants, pirate sashes, pirate corsets and wench bodices, pirate skirts, and much more. In addition to individual pieces of pirate attire, we also offer excellent complete pirate ensembles for women in the style of famous figures like Mary Read. Whether you are dressing up like the captain of the ship or just a scoundrel on deck, Medieval Collectibles has all the buccaneer clothing you need to create a roguish look. This swashbuckler apparel works great for theatrical productions, costume parties, the Renaissance fair, and LARP events.
Complete Pirate Outfits for Women, Womens Buccaneer Ensembles, and Pirate Wench Clothing Sets
Complete Pirate Outfits for Women

Enjoy the chance to wear the garb of a lady pirate with one of our assembled womens pirate outfits. These complete womens buccaneer outfits contain several pieces of pirate attire to save you the time and money of creating your pirate ensemble piece by piece. You can dress in a lovely pirate wench outfit or a womens pirate captain ensemble with ease with the complete womens outfits here. We offer pirate dress and pirate pants options.

Men's Pirate Coats and Vests, Buccaneer Coats, and Blackbeard Coats
Men's Pirate Coats and Vests

No mens pirate outfit can be complete without a dashing buccaneer coat or swashbuckler vest! Maraud as Blackbeard or Captain Morgan with our fine velvet pirate coats and leather pirate coats. Our first mate sailor vests and infamous pirate captain vests add excellent detail to your mens pirate ensemble. We carry a fantastic selection of privateer coats and buttoned pirate vests in various colors and sizes to finish off your look.

Men's Pirate Shirts, Buccaneer Shirts, and Swashbuckler Shirts
Men's Pirate Shirts

Our selection of mens pirate shirts provides the most basic element of a pirate outfit. Our buccaneer shirts come in many colors, while also being offered as a classic black pirate shirt or white swashbuckler shirt. Some of these long-sleeved privateer shirts feature buttons in the front as detail, while several ruffled pirate shirts display cravats and other frills as ornamentation. You can look like Redbeard himself with one of these mens shirts!

Pirate Pants and Breeches, Buccaneer Trousers, and Sailor Breeches
Pirate Pants and Breeches

Climb the rigging of your pirate ship with ease wearing these buccaneer pants and sailor slops! Many of our mens pirate trousers resemble long harem pants, while our pirate breeches have a shorter fit. Our sea captain trousers show off striking colors that go with any pirate shirt. Buttoned corsair pants and drawstring sailor pants offer you an authentic appearance. See the many styles of swashbuckler pants that we have available here!

Pirate Sashes, Pirate Scarves, and Pirate Bandanas
Pirate Sashes

A pirate sash makes a fantastic accessory for any buccaneer outfit, since it can be worn as a swashbuckler waist sash or pirate head scarf! Here you will find satin sashes and cotton scarves that look great with any traditional privateer ensemble. Red sashes, black sashes, and skull and crossbones scarves give you many fun pirate looks to enjoy. These pirate scarves look great as pirate bandanas beneath a tricorn hat.

Pirate T-Shirts, Pirate Graphic Tees, and Jolly Roger T-Shirts
Pirate T-Shirts

Medieval Collectibles allows you to show your swashbuckler style every day with the help of our excellent pirate t-shirts. We carry a wide selection of pirate costume t-shirts, pirate logo shirts, Jolly Roger t-shirts, and other pirate graphic tees for men, women, and children. These short-sleeved buccaneer t-shirts are sure to impress with their roguish graphics and bold colors.

Women's Pirate Bodices, Pirate Corsets, and Leather Bras
Women's Pirate Bodices, Corsets and Bras

You will look as though you have stepped out of the Golden Age of Piracy when you wear one of these fantastic buccaneer corsets, pirate wench bodices, or leather bras over your favorite pirate blouse! We carry a range of underbust corsets, overbust corsets, pirate bodices, and pirate bras for you to wear. Our steel-boned pirate corsets, period bodices, and leather bikini tops offer support and style to your pirate lady ensemble.

Women's Pirate Coats, Pirate Vests, Womens Buccaneer Jackets, and Mary Read Coats
Women's Pirate Coats and Vests

One of our womens pirate coats or pirate vests makes a great finishing touch to your lady buccaneer ensemble. Inspired by the likes of Mary Read and other infamous women sailors, our selection of vintage swashbuckler jackets and period vests go great with your other pieces of pirate apparel. Try out a striped pirate coat for a unique look, or else enjoy our traditional captains jackets, long linen vests, or other buccaneer coats.

Women's Pirate Shirts, Pirate Blouses, Buccaneer Tops, and Mary Read Shirts by $STORE$
Women's Pirate Shirts and Blouses

Browse our selection of womens pirate blouses and buccaneer tops for the perfect piece to match your gathered skirt or pirate pants. We carry many styles of long-sleeved pirate shirts suited for lady sailors, including ruffled swashbuckler shirts, pirate crop tops, Mary Read shirts, and drawstring buccaneer blouses. Available in a number of colors and sizes, these billowy shirts look fantastic when paired with one of our pirate bodices.

Women's Pirate Skirts, Striped Pirate Skirts, Tattered Pirate Skirts, and Long Pirate Skirts
Women's Pirate Skirts

Your pirate lady ensemble will not be complete without a lovely pirate skirt from our selection. Choose between full-length circle skirts, short pirate wench skirts, and striped handkerchief skirts for a number of different fun looks. We carry colorful gathered buccaneer skirts and layered pirate skirts to go with any pirate mistress outfit, making them the perfect choice for a themed party, fairs, and other occasions.