Western Badges, Wild West Badges, and Sheriff Badges
Medieval Collectibles carries a full line of authentic Western badges inspired by the style of the Old West. Our Wild West badges include U.S. Marshal badges, sheriff badges, Texas Ranger badges, Pony Express badges, prison guard badges, Indian police badges, Pinkerton detective badges, and more. Many of our historical badges are reproduced from originals held in museums and private collections. We provide a number of badge sets, as well.
Western Costumes, Western Clothing, and Wild West Costumes
Check out the excellent Western clothing and Western costumes we carry at Medieval Collectibles. We offer Wild West outfits like cowboy costumes, outlaw costumes, sheriff costumes, and gunslinger costumes for men, as well as ladies Western attire suitable for saloon girls, cowgirls, and can can dancers. Whether you want a look for Halloween, a stage production, or another costume occasion, you can find superb Old West style here.
Western Hats, Cowboy Hats, and Wild West Hats
At Medieval Collectibles, we carry an excellent selection of cowboy hats, sheriff hats, Stetsons, and other leather hats for daily wearing, costuming, historical re-enactments, or use as stage props. Our Wild West hats come in a range of sizes and styles to suit any need. Whether you want to dress as an outlaw, a U.S. Marshal, a Texas Ranger, a sharpshooter, or a cattle rustler, you can be sure to find a Western hat to suit your look.
Western Holsters, Western Gun Belts, and Cowboy Holsters
Medieval Collectibles carries a wide selection of high-quality leather gun holsters, cowboy holsters, and western gun belts for collectors and re-enactors. Our inventory of Western holsters includes left draw holsters, right draw holsters, double holsters, quick draw holsters, and leg holsters. Our Wild West holsters come in designs to accommodate rifles, pistols, and revolvers.
Western Pistols, Western Revolvers, and Western Replica Guns
Medieval Collectibles carries a fantastic array of Western firearms inspired by tales of the Wild West. These western replica pistols are great for stage productions and historical re-enactments. Our inventory includes excellent pieces like cavalry revolvers, Colt army revolvers, Peacemaker replicas, cowboy guns, derringers, and Volcanic repeaters, as well as decorative gun plaques and boxed sets.
Western Rifles, Cowboy Rifles, and Outlaw Rifles
Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent assortment of Western rifle and shotgun replicas that are authentic reproductions of firearms used during the Old West. Our inventory includes designs like lever action rifles, cowboy rifles, Winchester rifles, Western carbines, and double-barrel shotguns. Some of these Western firearms are even displayed on gun plaques that can be hung on your wall.