Pirates committed robbery at sea by capturing ships or vessels, with their heyday lasting from the mid-1600s to the early 1700s. Piracy remains in popular culture due to symbols like the infamous Jolly Roger, media like Treasure Island and the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and the legends surrounding figures like Captain Kidd, Calico Jack, Blackbeard, Mary Read, and Anne Bonny. Medieval Collectibles carries a near-exhaustive selection of pirate and buccaneer-themed gear for collecting, re-enactments, and costuming. In addition to our nautical decor and pirate ship replicas, we offer pirate clothing, pirate weapons, pirate flags and signs, pirate jewelry, and other pirate collectibles. You can even assuage your thirst for various piratical spirits by picking out your own home-brewing barrels. This swashbuckler merchandise is perfect for stage productions, the Renaissance fair, costume parties, decorating your home, and showing off your love for the Golden Age of Piracy.
Model Pirate Ships, Scaled Pirate Ships, and Pirate Ship Replicas
Model Pirate Ships

At Medieval Collectibles, you can find fantastic model pirate ships in a range of sizes for decorating your home or office. Inspired by real pirate vessels from the Golden Age of Piracy, these buccaneer ship replicas include icons like Queen Annes Revenge, the Flying Dutchman, and the Adventure Galley. The scale model ships feature accurate rigging, high-quality materials, and name plates.

Nautical Decor, Nautical Compasses, and Nautical Keychains
Nautical Decor

Medieval Collectibles offers a broad array of nautical decor and maritime-themed items ranging from working navigational tools like compasses and sextants to spyglasses and telescopes to decorative ship wheels. If you want to show off your nautical style wherever you go, be sure to also check out our range of nautical keychains and other marine collectibles.

Oaks Barrels, Pirate Barrels, and Bootleg Kits
Oak Barrels & Aging Spirits

Medieval Collectibles carries a fantastic array of oak barrels and aging spirits for you to home-brew your own rum, whiskey, or other spirit of choice. We provide bootleg kits, brewing barrels in various sizes, flavoring essences, and cleaning kits to help new and experienced brewers. Our engraved barrels also make unique decor options to showcase in your home.

Pirate Accessories, Pirate Costume Props, and Pirate Costume Accessories
Pirate Accessories

We carry a broad assortment of pirate-themed gear at Medieval Collectibles that is ideal for costume parties, stage productions, the Renaissance fair, and Talk Like a Pirate Day! Our pirate eye patches, pirate hooks, pirate parrots, and other pirate costume accessories will add a fun touch to any look, while our treasure maps, skeleton keys, buccaneer flasks, costume spyglasses, and swashbuckler purses make great pirate props.

Pirate Footwear, Pirate Boots, and Buccaneer Boots
Pirate Boots

Dress as though you have sailed the seven seas with the help of the pirate footwear here at Medieval Collectibles. Many of these rakish pirate boots display folded cuffs and large buckles for particularly impressive swashbuckler flair. Our buccaneer shoes come in various styles that equally suit a decorated navy captain or the infamous Blackbeard himself. Check out these leather boots to find the perfect pair for your needs!

Pirate Clothing, Pirate Coats, and Buccaneer Apparel
Pirate Clothing

Medieval Collectibles provides a wide variety of pirate clothing for men and women to enjoy. We carry pirate coats and jackets, pirate vests, pirate shirts and blouses, pirate pants, pirate sashes, pirate corsets and wench bodices, pirate skirts, and much more. This swashbuckler apparel works great for theatrical productions, costume parties, the Renaissance fair, and LARP events.

Pirate Coins, Golden Doubloons, and Pieces of Eight
Pirate Coins

Bring home your own pirate booty with the help of Medieval Collectibles! We carry excellent pirate coin replicas, including golden doubloons and Pieces of Eight. Other pieces of our pirate treasure coins show off designs inspired by famous swashbucklers like Bartholomew Roberts and Blackbeard. Each buccaneer coin features fantastic detail, crafted from fine materials.

Pirate Daggers, Sea Captain Daggers, and Buccaneer Daggers
Pirate Daggers

Medieval Collectibles offers a wide variety of pirate daggers for any occasion. These excellent buccaneer daggers and captains daggers will suit collectors and re-enactors with their high-quality construction and eye-catching details. A number of our swashbuckler daggers display historically accurate designs, while others show off the more fantastical representations of pirate knives in popular culture.

Pirate Flags, Jolly Roger Flags, and Buccaneer Flags
Pirate Flags

Take no quarter when choosing your home decor. Instead, check out the excellent pirate flags that we carry here at Medieval Collectibles! Our buccaneer flags come in many historical pirate ship flag designs, including those of Calico Jack and Henry Avery. Of course, a swashbuckler flag collection would not be complete without Jolly Roger flags. Fans of pirate style will be sure to enjoy hanging these skull and crossbones flags around their homes.

Pirate Gifts, Pirate Key Rings, and Pirate Pencil Toppers
Pirate Gifts

We carry an excellent selection of pirate booty here at Medieval Collectibles, making this a great resource for all of your pirate gifts! If your friends and family enjoy swashbuckler style, then these pirate knick-knacks are sure to bring smiles to their faces. We carry fun pirate keychains, pirate trinket boxes, pirate banners, pirate pencil toppers, and pirate masks that will make fantastic stocking stuffers or Talk Like a Pirate Day surprises.

Pirate Hats, Tricorn Hats, and Pirate Wigs
Pirate Hats and Wigs

At Medieval Collectibles, we carry excellent pirate headwear for men, women, and kids. Many of these pirate tricorns and captain hats show off feathered plumes, gold braid, ribbons, and Jolly Rogers in their design, while other leather tricorns and pirate hats possess a more roguish look. Our pirate wigs and costume hairpieces often extend from headscarves and bandanas, showing off long hair or dreadlocks decorated with beads and braids.

Pirate Jewelry, Pirate Rings, and Pirate Pendants
Pirate Jewelry

Medieval Collectibles carries plenty of pirate jewelry to fill up your personal treasure chest. These pirate pendants, pirate rings, pirate earrings, pirate necklaces, and pirate bracelets are sure to impress even the toughest scallywag. Our buccaneer jewelry works well for daily wearing or special occasions like Talk Like a Pirate Day, the Renaissance fair, or costume parties.

Pirate Pistols, Pirate Blunderbusses, and Pirate Flintlocks
Pirate Pistols

Medieval Collectibles carries many different authentic blunderbuss and flintlock replicas in gorgeous styles and finishes. These pirate guns feature working parts, though they are not designed to fire actual ammunition. Certain buccaneer pistols come on elegant wooden plaques that allow them to be easily hung and displayed on a wall in your home, while others feature designs that work well as theatrical props, costume accessories, and collectibles.

Pirate Signs, Pirate Tavern Signs, and Pirate Humor Signs
Pirate Signs

Gather round, me hearties, to see the best swashbuckler signs on land or sea! Medieval Collectibles carries many pirate signs featuring clever slogans, puns, and humorous sayings. Our vintage pirate signs include double-sided tavern signs as well as USA-made metal pirate signs. Several designs display the iconic Jolly Roger, ships, and other creatures from below the waves. All buccaneers can enjoy the wit and charm of these pieces of wall art!

Pirate Statues, Pirate Figurines, and Pirates Figures
Pirate Statues

Medieval Collectibles is here to help you discover a new way to enjoy the colorful rogues of the sea. Along with traditional pirate statues, we carry other pirate figures like pirate treasure chest figurines, pirate candleholders, and pirate bobbleheads, as well. If you feel like you need a bit more pirate style in your daily life, you could not ask for a better way to get it than by picking out fun swashbuckler statues and pirate figurines.

Pirate Swords, Pirate Cutlasses, and Pirate Sabers
Pirate Swords

Medieval Collectibles carries fantastic pirate cutlasses and pirate sabers inspired by those wielded during the Golden Age of Piracy. These decorative and functional swords include boarding sabers, companion swords, pirate hangers, and other swashbuckler blades. Our pirate captain swords will work great for re-enactments, stage productions, and displaying in your home.