Musketeer Clothing, Musketeer Costumes, and Musketeer Tabards
Medieval Collectibles carries every piece of historical clothing you will need for an impressive musketeer costume or outfit. Our inventory includes a variety of musketeer tabards, musketeer boots, musketeer shirts, and musketeer pants that are ideal for the Renaissance fair or theatrical productions. Our musketeer accessories include pieces like rapier baldrics and frogs, cavalier hats and musketeer hats with dramatic plumes, and swordsman gloves.
Musketeer Swords, Musketeer Rapiers, and Musketeer Main Gauche
Medieval Collectibles carries excellent musketeer swords, main gauches, and Renaissance rapiers that can be used for display or re-enactments. Our functional musketeer rapiers are made from quality steel to withstand sword fights and duels. Other cavalier rapiers are purely decorative with attention to detail and intricate designs. Whether you are a collector or modern warrior, you can be sure to find excellent musketeer blades here.