The Japanese pride themselves on the quality workmanship of their historical swords, armour, helmets, and home decor. Medieval Collectibles carries a full line of Japanese products inspired by samurai, ninja, and other historical Japanese figures. Our inventory includes an array of authentic Japanese helmets and Japanese armour for re-enactments, LARP battles, stage productions, and display. We provide a selection of stunning functional katana, wakizashi, and tanto from top manufacturers, which make excellent oriental blades to showcase when they are not in use. Our Japanese clothing and accessories round out our merchandise with excellent apparel for the Renaissance fair or martial arts practice. Finally, our Japanese decor includes eye-catching statues and other display pieces for your home or office. Take a moment to search these categories, and you are sure to discover many items to add to your wish list!
Japanese Armour, Samurai Armour, and Ninja Armour
Japanese Armour

Medieval Collectibles carries excellent functional Japanese armour like leather cuirasses, mempo, Japanese bracers, Japanese greaves, and other body armour. These pieces of oriental armour work well for historical re-enactments, theatrical productions, the Renaissance fair, and LARP events. Our samurai armour is sure to impress, so come back regularly to see the latest additions to this category!

Japanese Clothing, Samurai Clothing, and Oriental Clothing
Japanese Clothing

Japanese clothing comes in designs as beautiful and complex as any of their other artworks. Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer authentic Japanese apparel, as well as a number of modern garments with oriental style. Among our Japanese attire, you will find pieces for men and women, ranging from elegant kimono to samurai clothing. Japanese vests, Japanese jackets, and Japanese belts are all great items that can be paired with a variety of outfits.

Japanese Helmets, Japanese Kabuto, and Japanese Helms
Japanese Helmets

Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent selection of gorgeous samurai helmets, including a number inspired by historical figures like Daisho Kake, Date Masamune, Oda Nobunaga, and Takeda Shingen. Our Japanese helmets and kabuto show off intricate ornamentation and high-quality craftsmanship, making them ideal collectibles for enthusiasts.

Japanese Home Decor, Japanese Statues, and Samurai Statues
Japanese Home Decor

Our Japanese decor at Medieval Collectibles includes great oriental decorations for your home or office. Crafted with intricate detail, our Japanese statues depict historical warriors and warlords from the feudal era, as well as iconic characters like the geisha. These ninja and samurai statues show warriors in battle and dramatic standing poses.

Japanese Katanas, Samurai Swords, and Japanese Swords
Japanese Katanas

Medieval Collectibles carries some of the best Japanese swords available on the internet. Many of our functional katana possess Damascus or high carbon steel blades honed to a keen edge. These beautiful oriental swords show off intricate tsuba and scabbards, making them ideal as display pieces, as well. Our collectible katana and samurai swords are handcrafted by many of the top manufacturers from around the world.

Japanese Tantos, Samurai Tantos, and Japanese Daggers
Japanese Tantos

Medieval Collectibles carries many collectible tantos with authentic detailing and high-quality construction. Our Japanese daggers feature guards and fittings similar to a katana, and their ornate style makes them ideal for display. Made from Damascus and high carbon steel, these functional tanto come in a wide array of designs inspired by feudal Japan and the samurai warriors who wielded them.

Japanese Wakizashi, Samurai Wakizashi, and Japanese Short Swords
Japanese Wakizashis

Functional wakizashi are the shorter of the two Japanese swords carried by samurai. The blade of the Japanese short sword averages about eighteen inches. Medieval Collectibles carries many beautiful collectible wakizashi designed by top manufacturers from around the world. These Damascus and high carbon steel wakizashi are highly detailed, making them excellent display pieces when they are not in use.