Ancient Greece played a major role in world history from 750 B.C. to 146 B.C., providing the foundation of Western civilization. Greek culture had a powerful effect on the Roman Empire in language, politics, science, and the arts. A Greek heavy infantryman, known as a Hoplite, was the central element in Ancient Greek warfare. The most well-known hoplites were the Spartans, who trained from childhood in combat and warfare. Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent variety of merchandise inspired by the culture of Ancient Greece and these fierce warriors. We offer Greek armour, Greek clothing, Greek helmets, and Greek weapons for re-enactors and collectors, as well as Greek decor, Greek jewelry, and other Greek collectibles to add Hellenistic flair to your daily life. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find excellent pieces that catch your interest.
Greek Armour, Spartan Armour, and Hoplite Armour
Greek Armour

Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent selection of Greek armour and Spartan armour in designs suitable for historical re-enactments, LARPing, theatrical productions, and costuming. We offer functional Greek plate armour and Greek scale armour made from materials like brass and bronze, including pieces like breastplates, backplates, bracers, and greaves.

Greek Clothing, Greek Tunics, and Greek Sandals
Greek Clothing

Medieval Collectibles offers an excellent selection of Greek clothing, including Greek tunics, Greek belts, Greek capes, and Greek sandals. Our Greek apparel includes a variety of authentic period styles as well as modern adaptations. Choose the perfect pieces for your historical re-enactment, stage performance, or costume party from our various pieces of Greek and Spartan clothing.

Greek Helmets, Corinthian Helmets, and Attic Helmets
Greek Helmets

Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent selection of authentic Greek helmets inspired by the headgear worn by Hoplites and other Greek soldiers during the Hellenistic period. Our Corinthian helms, Hoplite helmets, Trojan helms, Spartan helmets, Attic helmets, Macedonian helmets, and other designs make fantastic choices for historical re-enactors and collectors.

Greek Home Decor, Greek Gifts, and Greek Collectibles
Greek Home Decor and Gifts

At Medieval Collectibles, we aspire to provide the best selection of historical merchandise on the internet. To that end, our Greek decor and Greek collectibles include a vast array of products inspired by the Hellenistic period, such as Greek coins, Greek statues, Greek keychains, Greek chess sets, Greek plaques, Greek pencils, and more. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find the perfect Greek gift or decoration for your home or office.

Greek Jewelry, Greek Pendants, and Greek Rings
Greek Jewelry

Fans of Greek culture and history are sure to appreciate the line of Greek jewelry offered here at Medieval Collectibles. This collection of Greek pendants, Greek bracelets, Greek rings, Greek earrings, and other Greek accessories features designs inspired by mythology and culture. These pieces show off icons like the owl of Athena, Greek coins, Spartan helmets, Medusa, and more.

Greek Shields, Hoplite Shields, and Spartan Shields
Greek Shields

Medieval Collectibles offers a full line of Greek shields inspired by those carried by Hoplites and Spartan warriors. Our wooden Greek shields and steel Greek shields are great for Renaissance fairs, LARP events, or historical re-enactments. These Hoplite shields, Spartan shields, and Trojan shields come in fully functional and decorative designs.

Greek Swords, Hoplite Swords, and Falcata Swords
Greek Swords

Medieval Collectibles provides an excellent variety of decorative and functional Greek swords and Greek daggers for re-enactors and collectors. Our hoplite swords, falcata swords, Spartan swords, Greek kopis, and other Greek blades are made with attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. Certain pieces are also inspired by the Frank Miller film, 300.