Gothic Jewelry

Medieval Collectibles offers fantastic gothic jewelry in a wide range of styles. Our gothic necklaces, gothic bracelets, gothic rings, gothic earrings, gothic pendants, gothic watches, gothic hair clips, and other gothic accessories will make it simple to complete your favorite looks. These goth jewelry pieces show off glittering gemstones, brightly colored enamel finishes, gleaming metal, and other fine details that go great with many ensembles. Many dark jewelry designs feature skulls, roses, ankhs, crosses, bats, ravens, spiders, claws, pentagrams, and other grim and occult iconography. We carry womens and mens jewelry for everyday wearing or special occasions. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your gothic girl, you have come to the right place. If you want some wicked cool gothic cufflinks for a formal event, Medieval Collectibles is happy to serve. Browse for a moment, and you will not be disappointed with any of our gothic accents!
Gothic Buttons, Gothic Cufflinks, and Gothic Pins
Buttons & Cufflinks

For the gentleman or lady who is looking to add a touch of gothic flair to an outfit, our decorative buttons and cufflinks at Medieval Collectibles make an excellent option. Our gothic cufflinks, gothic buttons, and gothic pins are nothing if not eccentric accessories, displaying designs like coffins, bats, crosses, and skulls. They are perfect for customizing everyday clothing or adding a touch of dark style to an elegant, formal garment.

Gothic Belt Buckles, Gothic Buckles, and Skull Buckles
Gothic Belt Buckles

At Medieval Collectibles, we have a fantastic selection of gothic belt buckles that can help you enjoy gothic style in a whole new way! These decorative buckles feature many unique designs, ensuring that you can find something to suit your taste. With wicked skull buckles, fallen angel buckles, werewolf buckles, gun belt buckles, dark dragon buckles, and many more ornate pieces, our selection is sure to impress.

Gothic Bracelets, Gothic Bangles, and Gothic Cuffs
Gothic Bracelets

Our gothic bracelets at Medieval Collectibles are carefully crafted with fine materials like English pewter, delicate lace, sparkling gems, satin ribbons, and smooth leather. We carry many gothic cuffs, gothic bangles, gothic wrist straps, and other darkly beautiful bracelets to suit men and women. These bold gothic accessories make excellent gifts and personal accessories, so check back regularly to see our latest additions!

Gothic Chokers, Goth Choker Necklaces, and Gothic Victorian Chokers
Gothic Chokers

Our gothic chokers at Medieval Collectibles include stunning designs crafted from fine English pewter, sparkling gemstones, intricate lace, sleek satin ribbons, and other excellent materials. These ladies chokers display designs with skulls, cameos, serpents, roses, ribbon bows, hearts, and other bold icons. These goth chokers fit closely around the neck, providing a striking look to any outfit.

Gothic Earrings, Gothic Stud Earrings, and Gothic Hook Earrings
Gothic Earrings

Medieval Collectibles carries some of the finest gothic earrings around in both single earring and earring set options. These goth earrings for men and women are the perfect dark accessory for accenting your look, available in a variety of designs like stud earrings, dangle earrings, hoop earrings, and wrap earrings. The designs include bats, skulls, crosses, hearts, roses, spiders, serpents, and many more bold icons.

Gothic Hair Accessories, Gothic Hair Clips, and Gothic Hair Sticks
Gothic Hair Accessories

Medieval Collectibles offers a variety of gothic side combs, gothic hair clips, gothic hair bands, and gothic hair screws, ensuring you can find something to suit no matter your hair length or style. These gothic barrettes, bobby pins, hair slides, and decorative hair accessories show off skulls, ravens, vampire bats, dragons, hearts, serpents, and more. We provide traditional hair bows as well as more unique accents like hair sticks.

Gothic Pendants, Gothic Necklaces, and Skull Pendants
Gothic Pendants

We carry many appealing styles of gothic pendants at Medieval Collectibles. Our gothic bat pendants, gothic cross pendants, gothic dragon pendants, gothic pentagram pendants, gothic skull pendants, gothic spider pendants, and other striking pieces ensure that there is something to suit any taste. These gothic necklaces and pendants make excellent gifts or personal accessories.

Gothic Rings, Gothic Bands, and Skull Rings
Gothic Rings

Medieval Collectibles carries many types and styles of gothic bands and gothic fashion rings for men and women to enjoy. Our bat rings, pentagram rings, skull rings, skeleton rings, and vampire rings are only a small sampling of the many designs you have to choose from. We offer multi-finger rings, engagement rings, rings with blades, poison rings, signet rings, and bike chain rings, as well as other eccentric options.

Gothic Watches, Gothic Wrist Watches, and Gothic Pocket Watches
Gothic Watches

Medieval Collectibles has an extensive line of gothic wrist watches, gothic pocket watches, gothic watch necklaces, and other gothic timepieces to choose from. These gothic-styled watches come in a range of high-quality designs with quartz movement. These womens and mens gothic watches show off skulls, hearts, roses, dragons, dark fairies, ravens, bones, and other wicked icons.