13th C. Medieval Bardiche
Item #: DS-1745
Faced with a charging knight on horseback, a foot soldier tended to have little to do but brace for impact. But this 13th C. Medieval Bardiche changed all that, opening up plenty of options when it came to armored, mounted opponents.
Price: $295.00
On Sale For: $240.00
24 Inch Latin Machete Sheath
Item #: 07-SC97AM24
Our machete sheaths are made of tough, black cordura nylon and feature taped and riveted seams, slotted back, double retaining straps, safety toe, and a generous sized belt loop that will even accommodate a G.I. pistol belt.
Price: $7.99
On Sale For: $6.40
4 Inch Talwar Folder
Item #: 07-21TCTL
Few folding knives possess the fearsome cutting power that is present in the 4 Inch Talwar Folder. Named for the Indo-Persian sword that posed a huge problem for the British in the 1800s, this pocket knife features a wide blade.
Price: $169.99
On Sale For: $136.00
Adult Captain America Shield
Item #: RC-35527
Have you always wanted to be a superhero like Captain America? The Adult Captain America Shield will help you to complete your transformation from average person to the original superhuman, even without a dose of super-serum!
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $23.00
AK-47 Series Folding Knife by Cold Steel
Item #: 07-58TLAK
Designed by Andrew Demko, the AK-47 knife possess all of the attributes of their namesake, and perhaps a few more. The hollow ground blades are honed by hand until they reach levels of sharpness only seen on a surgeons scalpel.
Price: $179.99
On Sale For: $144.00
American Lawman Knife
Item #: 07-58AL
The American Lawman is built like a proverbial tank. It is comfortable in the most extreme environments and will shrug off the harshest abuse. This is one super tough knife that can be relied on, even in life or death situations.
Price: $159.99
On Sale For: $128.00
Avatar Longbow
Item #: WB-612
With its tribal design, this Avatar Longbow is quite the impressive sight. Rustic in its appeal, this limited edition bow is more than just a fine accent. It is also a fully functional bow that can put arrows down-range without issue.
Price: $199.00
On Sale For: $175.00
Blue Granite LARP Throwing Rock
Item #: MCI-3129
The most formidable spells require a focus made from an object of meaning, granting the ability to wield more power. The Blue Granite LARP Throwing Rock is a bumpy, veined stone in a blue hue that can serve as a projectile weapon.
Price: $8.00
On Sale For: $5.50
Bolo Machete Sheath
Item #: 07-SC97BM
Our machete sheaths are made of tough, black cordura nylon and feature taped and rivited seams, slotted back, double retaining straps, safety toe, and a generous sized belt loop that will even accommodate a G.I. pistol belt.
Price: $7.99
On Sale For: $6.40
Boneyard Bearded Tactical Axe
Item #: MC-MT-AXE11C
Plucked from the open graves of the victims of the zombie apocalypse, this Boneyard Bearded Tactical Axe should always be at hand for the survivor or enthusiast. This compact hand axe is great for splitting firewood or undead foes.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $16.00
Bowie Spike Knife by Cold Steel
Item #: 07-53BS
The Bowie Spike is a weapon pared down to its bare essentials. Its thick, narrow blade is distal tapered and flat ground to a zero edge. This creates a unique cross section that facilitates both penetration of the tip and cutting power.
Price: $44.99
On Sale For: $36.00
Bushman Bowie
Item #: 07-95BUSS
For the money, the Bushman knives might be the strongest survival outdoor knives in the world! Unlike most hollow handled survival knives, there is no joint or seam between the blades and handles that requires a mechanical fastener.
Price: $34.99
On Sale For: $28.00
Celtic LARP Longknife
Item #: MCI-2900
The Celtic LARP Longknife mimics the historic style of the blades favored by Celtic warriors. In fact, while many would have favored swords, axes, and spears, all would have carried a dagger like this.
Price: $51.00
On Sale For: $48.45
Chaos Tanto Rubber Trainer Trench Knife
Item #: 07-92R80NT
The trench knives of old are making a comeback. Of course, practicing with a lethal blade is not easy, which is why we offer this Chaos Tanto Rubber Trainer Trench Knife, so that you can work on your knife-skills in relative safety.
Price: $15.99
On Sale For: $12.80
Chinese Sword Breaker Trainer by Cold Steel
Item #: 07-92BKSB
The Chinese Sword Breaker Trainer is made of heaviest grade polypropylene and closely duplicates a real sword in length, size, and weight. They have the winning advantages of being virtually unbreakable, rather stiff, and cut resistant
Price: $44.99
On Sale For: $36.00
Chinese War Sword Machete
Item #: 07-97TCSMS
A historically-inspired sword-machete hybrid, the Chinese War Sword Machete features an extra wide, deeply curved blade. Able to shear and cut, this Chinese sword has been constructed for maximum strength and durability.
Price: $59.99
On Sale For: $48.00
Classic Ninja Sword
Item #: 54-092-VA
Spies, saboteurs, and assassins, the ninja remains a figure of mystique even to this day, rooted in the lore of feudal Japan. The Classic Ninja Sword allows you to take on the role of one of these ancient Japanese warriors.
Price: $189.00
On Sale For: $150.00
Crackling Dragon Fantasy Axe
Item #: MC-FMT-041GN
Combining the legendary dragon with the form of a medieval weapon is one thing, but adding in modern graphics and art changes the mix entirely. However, the end result of such a union is always impressive, just like this Crackling Dragon Fantasy Axe.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $29.00
Cretzer LARP Sword
Item #: CL-212
Inspired by the legendary weaponry of the German landskenechte, the Cretzer LARP Sword is a shorter version of the Katzbalger. This style of sword became popular during the Renaissance, when warfare underwent a great deal of change.
Price: $115.00
Item #: SH1012
Long the traditional weapon of Chinas peasant armies, the Dadao, or big sword, was used with deadly effect as late as the 1930s in the Sino-Japanese War. It is versatile and offers tremendous slashing power thanks to its weight.
Price: $200.00
On Sale For: $155.00
Dark Elven LARP Staff
Item #: MCI-2880
Drow sorcerers and priests are as feared as their warriors are. Given that they typically wield weapons like the Dark Elven LARP Staff, it is not hard to see why. This staff serves as both a symbol of power and deadly skill in battle.
Price: $221.00
On Sale For: $170.00
Item #: SH2363
This Dirk is patterned after an early model (circa 1700) and is similar in form to earlier ballock knives. The blade is backed, meaning single-edged and wedge-shaped in cross section.
Price: $150.00
On Sale For: $110.00
Double Agent I Knife
Item #: 07-39FK
Cold Steels Double Agent I neck knife possess a significant set of advantages worth noting. Designed by Zach Whitson, with a Karambit blade style, it is thin, flat, and super light as well as easy to conceal and comfortable to wear.
Price: $49.99
On Sale For: $40.00
Dragon Fire Fantasy Dagger
Item #: MC-FM-656
Turn fantasy into reality with the Dragon Fire Fantasy Dagger. This unique dagger displays an artistic and lethal design that cannot be matched. Great for any fan of fantasy or even a knife collector, this blade is a rare find.
Price: $46.00
On Sale For: $41.00
Elemental LARP Ball of Earth
Item #: MCI-3030
Channel the energy that surrounds you, allowing Mother Nature to ramp up your defense with the Elemental LARP Ball of Earth. With this magnificent weapon, you can confidently step onto the battlefield and fight alongside your allies.
Price: $13.00
On Sale For: $7.00
Espada Extra Large Knife
Item #: 07-62NX
Today the opportunity to explore many new worlds and conquer entire nations at the point of a sword has faded but riches, fame and glory are still to be won and available to the well armed in great abundance.
Price: $479.99
On Sale For: $384.00
Extra Large Vaquero Voyager - Serrated Edge by Cold Steel
Item #: 07-29TXVS
This Extra Large Vaquero Voyager - Serrated Edge knife is appropriate in any environment, from hunting and camping to hiking and general utility. They can also readily fill specialty functions, including survival applications and more.
Price: $94.99
On Sale For: $76.00
Feanors Two Handed Sword With Scabbard and Belt
Item #: CLS-DS-1351B
In Middle Earth lore, Feanor is one of the greatest elves to live, thanks to his fiery spirit and his warriors heart. Feanor's Two Handed Sword with Scabbard and Belt is a homage to his name as well as a weapon worthy of his hand.
Price: $530.00
On Sale For: $499.00
Game of Thrones LARP Sword of Robb Stark
Item #: 889709
When the Young Wolf went to battle, he armed himself not with a fancy blade for a high-born but with a sword befitting a real warrior. This Game of Thrones LARP Sword of Robb Stark recreates the Young Wolfs weapon of choice.
Price: $90.00
On Sale For: $79.00
Game of Thrones Oathkeeper LARP Sword
Item #: 889711
Warriors in Westeros could not ask for a better sword then one made of Valyrian steel. This Game of Thrones Oathkeeper LARP Sword recreates one such weapon so that you can wield Valyrian steel in your battles.
Price: $95.00
On Sale For: $82.00
General Themistokles Dagger
Item #: 881019
As a general, Themistokles main weapon was his mind, backed up by a deft hand when wielding his sword and his shield. Even so, he knew to never leave behind his dagger. This General Themistokles Dagger recreates his faithful sidearm.
Price: $135.00
On Sale For: $70.00
General Themistokles Sword
Item #: 881017
Just because a blade comes out of the Bronze Age does not make it any less formidable! This General Themistokles Sword is based on ancient Greek design, yet effectively made to ensure that it is a weapon worthy of any warrior.
Price: $195.00
On Sale For: $145.00