Aqua Bubbles T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2243
With the ability to swim thousands of miles per hour, comic book hero Aquaman can build up some serious speed bubbles as he flies through the water! Wear a fun image of your favorite underwater superhero with the Aqua Bubbles T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Aquaman Logo T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2257
Sometimes, the best way you can show your admiration for a favorite comic book superhero is by sporting their iconic logo in your wardrobe. The Aquaman Logo T-Shirt is the perfect way for fans of the Aquatic Ace to do just that!
Price: $24.00
Aquaman Symbol Outline Hoodie
Item #: ZB-2397
Two of Aquamans most valuable assets as a superhero are his ability to swim through the water like a bullet and the use of a mighty Trident. Both are exhibited on this Aquaman Symbol Outline Hoodie along with his signature symbol.
Price: $46.00
Aquaman Symbol Outline T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2244
As a founding member of the Justice League of America, it is no surprise that Aquaman possesses incredible speed, power, and agility. These noteworthy skills, plus his iconic logo, are showcased in the Aquaman Symbol Outline T-Shirt.
Price: $24.00
Aquaman VS Black Manta T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2256
One of the most memorable rivalries in the DC Comics universe is the feud between Aquaman and Black Manta, both powerful dwellers of the sea. Showcase their vendetta in your wardrobe with the colorful Aquaman VS Black Manta T-Shirt!
Price: $36.00
Aquaman Water Power Hoodie
Item #: ZB-2396
A founding member of the Justice League, the King of Atlantis, and he gets to talk to dolphins-is there anything Aquaman cannot do? Display this powerful King of the Seven Seas in your wardrobe with the Aquaman Water Power Hoodie!
Price: $46.00
Aquaman Water Power T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2242
One of the most memorable superheroes from the Golden Age of comics is the water-breathing, ocean-dwelling, and villain-slaying Aquaman. Showcase this Justice Leaguer in all his nautical glory with the Aquaman Water Power T-Shirt!
Price: $24.00
Dawn of Justice Aquaman Wacky Wobbler
Item #: FK-7019
The camera captures a mystifying scene from the dark ocean depths. A human figure with Trident in hand swims across the screen. Observe this superhero as portrayed by Jason Momoa with the Dawn of Justice Aquaman Wacky Wobbler.
Price: $14.50
DC Comics Black Manta POP Figure
Item #: FK-8680
Beneath the calm, rolling waves of the sea, an evil mastermind weaves a sinister plot against Atlantis and its ruler. The DC Comics Black Manta POP Figure cleverly portrays the archenemy of Aquaman as a trendy POP! collectible.
Price: $8.95
Glowing Aquaman T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2237
In recent years, the writers of DC comics have given Aquamans character a serious edge, showing him as a more powerful superhero than in previous years. That transformation is apparent and eye-catching in this Glowing Aquaman T-Shirt.
Price: $26.00
The Defeat of Black Manta T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2241
According to his first origin story, Black Manta grew to despise the sea and became bent on destroying its ruler, Aquaman. The Defeat of Black Manta T-Shirt shows the King of the Seven Seas as he destroys his bug-eyed arch nemesis.
Price: $24.00
Trident of Neptune Aquaman T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2238
One of the seven Relics of Atlantis, the Trident of Neptune is an extremely powerful weapon wielded by Aquaman in his journeys throughout the sea. His ability to use this weapon is showcased in the Trident of Neptune Aquaman T-Shirt.
Price: $36.00