Discover our new dragon product line of beautiful dragon statues, trinket boxes, ashtrays, lighting and lamps, candle holders, tables, mirrors, clocks, fountains, letter openers, incense burners and home accessories at medievalcollectibles.com. Our dragons are constructed of high quality craftsmanship and lifelike intricate designs made of poly-resin which are inspired by European Mid Century Gothic style. Whether you are dragon lover - or a dragon collector we should have something that should fit your needs and budget.
Do you believe in fairies? If there was ever a time to believe, now would be the time to start, because at Medieval Collectibles, fairies are alive and well. And if you are a fan of the pixies, sprites, and other sorts of fairies, then you should find yourself browsing here, in our fairy collection. Here-in lays a veritable cornucopia of fairy treasures. Within our fairy collection you will find dozens upon dozens of fairy themed items and collectibles, all available for your purchasing pleasure. If you want to wear a fairy every day of the week, then we can offer you the fairy shirts, tank-tops and jewelry to ensure that you do not have to leave your domicile without having a fairy somewhere on your person.
Gargoyles, Gargoyle Home Decor, Gargoyle Statues and Gargoyle Figurines
Discover our new gothic gargoyle product line. Medieval Collectibles has a great collection of high quality Gargoyle Statues, Gargoyle Lamps, Gargoyle Candle Holders, Gargoyle Mirrors, Gargoyle Tables and many other great home decor or gift items. Our gargoyles are constructed of high quality craftsmanship and lifelike intricate designs made of cold cast resin which are inspired by European Mid Century Gothic style. Gargoyles are one of the most recognizable gothic symbols. The most popular Gargoyle myth is that they guarded buildings and villages against unwanted spirits and evil.
Here at Medieval Collectibles, we carry a variety of greenman-themed items. Greenman is not, however, technically, a specific individual. The term was first coined in 1939, when it was used to describe and name a depiction of any man (or woman, although green women are rare) who peers out through some form of dense foliage; greenman carvings most typically feature foliage and leaves as hair and beards, although other natural themes can supplant these: vines for hair is not an uncommon image. At first glance, the greenman has something of a pagan appearance: he looks like an antiquated nature deity or spirit.
Knights, Miniature Knights, Knights on Horseback, Knight Statues and Knights In Armour
If you are looking for a knight statue or figurine to add to your collection or a gift for someone special, you have come to the right place. Medieval Collectibles has a distinctive collection of quality knights. We carry knights in armour, miniature knights, pewter knights, knight sculptures, knight statues, full sized knights and knights on horseback. Medieval Collectibles has knight statues and figurines to fit anyone's budget. We also carry knights of the round table sets and Arthurian chess sets in this knights collection. These beautiful knights provide a unique and artistic touch to the decor of any office or home or business.
Skeletons and Skulls
Discover our new skull and skeleton product line of beautiful skull heads, savings bank, ashtrays, incense burners and much more. Our skulls and skeletons are constructed of high quality craftsmanship and lifelike intricate designs made of cold cast resin, acrylic, and other materials, which are inspired by Fantasy and Gothic style. Our beautiful skull mirrors, skeleton lamps and home decor pieces will give your home that gothic and fantasy style.
Unicorns, Unicorn Boxes, Unicorn Scrolls and Unicorn Journals
At Medieval Collectibles, we have managed to track down one of the most elusive mythical creatures ever and capture its look and essence in order to offer you several statues and decorations, all of which you can find in our Unicorns Category.