Feathers and Plumes, Hat Plumes, Hat Feathers, Ostrich Feathers, Craft Feathers, and Peacock Feathers
A feather in your cap can mean a variety of things. It can signify great personal glory or even prowess as a hunter. No matter what it means though, a colorful feather in your hat is also a great eye catching accent and a fantastic way to personalize your look. At Medieval Collectibles, we offer a selection of fine feathers that are perfect for adding just such an accent to your hats and caps.
Gothic Hats, Gothic Leather Hats, and Gothic Top Hats
You will make quite the impression when you add one of these fantastic gothic hats to your favorite gothic ensembles. Medieval Collectibles provides a range of gothic headwear designs including gothic top hats, gothic leather hats, gothic mini hats, and gothic caps. Our leather top hats in particular are made with special care that makes them durable and comfortable gothic accessories, and all of our casual and formal hats offer a great look!
Medieval Hats and Renaissance Hats
We have many styles of hats from different eras. Surely you will find the perfect renaissance hat to add to your medieval wardrobe. We have cavalier hats, medieval hoods, renaissance hats, muffin hats, tricorns, snoods, Henry VIII hats, veils and much more. Most of our medieval hats you can select the size, color and even the fabric. So have a look at our renaissance hat select and pick out the right hat for the medieval fair or any other medieval event that you will be attending.
Medieval Hoods and Renaissance Hoods
What use is there for a good hood? Why, when it comes to Medieval styled garb, there are dozens of uses for one! Come check out the Hoods category at Medieval Collectibles to browse through a variety of cowls and covers, all of which can be used to shield yourself from the elements, while also adding dashes of style to your ensemble.
Pirate Hats, Buccaneer Hats, Tricorn Hats and Scallywag Hats
What's a pirate without a hat? Still a pirate, but probably an irate one, whose missing hat is likely still a sore issue that's best left unmentioned. If you're one of these hatless pirates, then don't despair. Just check out Medieval Collectibles, where you can browse our Pirate Hats section until you find just what you want!
Steampunk Hats, Top Hats and Victorian Hats
If you are looking for a pseudo-technological Steampunk hat with classic Victorian style and Steampunk flair, then look no further! These incredible Steampunk hats have gears, sprockets, and all sorts of attached gizmos not to mention tons of style!