Anton Canvas Tabard
Item #: MY100103
The perfect addition to any medieval ensemble, the Anton Canvas Tabard looks excellent on knights and other warriors. This fantastic medieval tabard features a split color design with each side presented in a different hue.
Price: $22.00
Anton Squared Tabard
Item #: MY100104
A classic medieval tabard for knights and warriors of all kinds, the Anton Squared Tabard features a striking, quartered color style. The four panels show off two alternating colors that can match different heraldry designs.
Price: $22.00
Anton Two Color Belt Badge
Item #: MY100432
During a historical reenactment or when adventuring in LARP territory, let all know where your allegiance lies. Display the chosen colors, and reveal fidelity to a medieval faction or kingdom with the Anton Two Color Belt Badge.
Price: $6.00
Anton Two Color Squared Belt Badge
Item #: MY100431
When LARPing or participating in a historical reenactment, let everyone know where your allegiance lies. Display the chosen colors, and reveal fidelity to a medieval faction or kingdom with the Anton Two Color Squared Belt Badge.
Price: $6.00
Basic Medieval Tabard
Item #: MCI-3005
Accurate to the middle ages, the Basic Medieval Tabard can complete any costume you wear it with. Bring your fantasy character to life at your next costume event while donning this traditional form of work clothing.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $28.50
Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard
Item #: MCI-255
The Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard is an elegant garment that is quite reminiscent of the Musketeers. This tabbard is made of high-quality velvet and is a great way to add a touch of obvious French style to your favored look.
Price: $185.00
Black And White Crusader Surcoat
Item #: GB0205
During the crusades, life could be very dangerous. To cope with this danger, armor and weapons evolved. From the end of the 11th century all the way to the end of the 13th century, the crusades were the center of attention in Europe.
Price: $92.00
Black Ice Battle Skirt
Item #: MCI-3231
For the distinguished look of a skilled warrior, wear the Black Ice Battle Skirt. This heavy cotton garment features panels of dark blue and black which are split on every side for maximum mobility during fantasy LARP combat.
Price: $41.00
On Sale For: $36.90
Black Ice Tabbard
Item #: MCI-2656
Prepare for the LARP role you have been waiting for, and rid the ConQuest world of imperfections. Array yourself in the colors of the remorseless, yet efficient Black Ice infantry with the Black Ice Tabbard to set off your armour.
Price: $27.00
On Sale For: $25.65
Black Templar Sergeant Overcoat
Item #: MH-CL0303B
Medieval overcoats offer a clear way to identify the wearer as a knight, especially when decorated with heraldry or other iconic markings. The Black Templar Sergeant Overcoat shows bright red crosses on the chest and back.
Price: $35.00
Carl Canvas Tabard
Item #: MY100114
An ideal look for Renaissance fairs and historical re-enactments, the Carl Canvas Tabard suits a wide range of looks. The medieval tabard is crafted from rough cotton fabric with excellent texture that feels great to wear.
Price: $39.00
Carl Hospitaller Tabard
Item #: MY100107
Ideal for Renaissance fairs and other historical re-enactments, the Carl Hospitaller Tabard will transform anyone who wears it into one of the Knights Hospitaller. The Crusader tabard is made from rough cotton for a period look.
Price: $39.00
Carl Templar Tabard
Item #: MY100106
Suitable for medieval markets and Renaissance fairs, the Carl Templar Tabard will transform anyone who wears it into one of the iconic Knights Templar. The Crusader tabard is crafted from rough cotton fabric for a period look.
Price: $39.00
George Canvas Belt Badge
Item #: MY100441
No matter where a noble quest leads you, let all within the LARP kingdom be certain of your allegiance. In the midst of a battle or while journeying through the realm, reveal fidelity to your faction with the George Canvas Belt Badge.
Price: $6.00
George Tabard
Item #: MY100110
Simple yet becoming, this traditional tabard makes an excellent addition to your medieval knight ensemble. The George Tabard comes in a wide array of beautiful colors that are trimmed with black along the bottom hem and slits.
Price: $33.00
Hospitaller Surcoat
Item #: GB0240
It may seem strange to name an order of knights after the place where people received healing. Originally formed as a hospital in the holy land, the Order of Hospitallers were sworn to rescue and protect pilgrims traveling the Holy Land.
Price: $92.00
Hospitaller Surcoat
Item #: GB3131
The Hospitallers Surcoat is distinguished by the white Maltese cross on a black ground. Our Hospitaller Surcoat is crafted in heavy linen. This type of reconstruction is designed to avoid excessive extra weight and heat retention.
Price: $92.00
Ignaz Tabbard
Item #: MY100399
Available in a variety of colorful options, the Ignaz Tabbard is a dynamic starter for various LARP looks and medieval reenactment outfits. Featuring a short sleeved, long tunic-length style, many of these tabbards depict two colors.
Price: $21.89
Justus Suede Tabard
Item #: MY100113
The perfect period garment for medieval scouts and warriors, the Justus Suede Tabard can be combined with many other pieces for striking looks. Available in black or brown, the leather tabard comes in a traditional design.
Price: $66.00
Knightly Tabbard
Item #: 101056
The Knightly Tabbard is a great costume for any event! Made of strong durable cotton fabric, these tunics have a full lining. The Knightly Tabbard is offered in one size. They are open on the sides and have both a front and rear split.
Price: $60.00
Knights Fleur de Lis Surcoat
Item #: DC1173
Traditionally, the surcoats of the medieval era were worn over chainmail. Of course, you do not have to wear this Knights Fleur de Lis Surcoat over mail if you do not want to. After all, it looks just as good without the armor.
Price: $62.00
On Sale For: $58.00
Knights Red Cross Surcoat
Item #: AH-PA2017
Born of the 12th century, this Knights Red Cross Surcoat is based on the attire of a crusading knight. It has a long, flowing length and a classic design, combined with a bright red cross, emblazoned on the left side of the chest.
Price: $77.00
Linen Teutonic Surcoat
Item #: GB3946
This surcoat, replicating those worn by the Teutonic knights in the Crusades. As a practical alternative for summer wear, we have produced a linen version of the Teutonic surcoat, complete with its distinctive black cross.
Price: $92.00
Men's English Houppelande
Item #: MCI-317
This stunning garment has an extravagance that is fit for a king. The Men's English Houppelande is styled after the houppelande of the 15th and 16th centuries, this style of garment was favored by Henry VIII of England, of the Tudor Dynasty.
Price: $90.00
Mens Medieval Tabard
Item #: MCI-363
For a classic element of medieval garb, you need look no further than at the tabard. It was worn by noble and serf alike, for countless reasons under the sun, and now you can have one of your own, in this Mens Medieval Tabard garment.
Price: $44.00
Musketeer Tabard
Item #: DC1127
Our Musketeer Tabard is a red velvet top, fully lined with matching satin gold cross and fleur-de-lis of the Musketeers emblazons the front. With matching silver trim on edges, the tabard is a must have for any Musketeer costume.
Price: $122.00
Musketeer Tabbard
Item #: 100516
The Musketeer Tabbard is made from rich blue cotton velvet fully lined with a matching satin. The front, back, and sides are emblazoned with the fully hand embroidered silver cross and fleur-de-lis of the Musketeers.
Price: $169.00
Rampant Lion Baron Surcoat
Item #: 101515
A beautiful surcoat of the Holy Land, this piece of attire will allow you to look like a true protector of the realm. The Rampant Lion Baron Surcoat shows off a quartered design with alternating red and white panels.
Price: $84.00
Red Warriors Cross Tabard
Item #: DC1172
A fighter about to go to war has much need of a good tabard. After all, he needs some way to identify himself on the field of battle! This Red Warriors Cross Tabard is stylish and comfortable, making it the perfect choice!
Price: $84.00
On Sale For: $78.00
Royal Musketeer Tabard
Item #: 101334
Influenced by Alexandre Dumas The Man in the Iron Mask, this Royal Musketeer Tabard is made of rich black cotton velvet with a deep gold rayon lining. Embroidered crosses with fleur-de-lis are on both the chest and sleeves.
Price: $195.00
Templar Surcoat
Item #: GB0215
The Templars are one of the most recognized organizations of the crusades. Their legacy is still around today. Rumors abound as to the history of the Templars, but one thing is certain, they were adorned with the Red Cross on white.
Price: $92.00
Templar Surcoat
Item #: GB3130
This Templar's surcoat has its own distinctive red cross, providing a distinction between friend and foe in a melee. Our Templar Surcoat is crafted in heavy linen which is designed to avoid excessive extra weight and heat retention.
Price: $92.00