Women's Medieval Dresses and Gowns, Renaissance Gowns, and Period Wedding Dresses by Medieval Collectibles Women's Medieval Dresses and Gowns, Renaissance Gowns, and Period Wedding Dresses by Medieval Collectibles

Women's Medieval Dresses and Gowns

These authentic medieval dresses and Renaissance gowns provide a period look that seems straight from the pages of history. The Renaissance dresses and full-length medieval gowns offered by Medieval Collectibles are perfect for Renaissance fairs, historical re-enactments, and even as wedding gowns. Our large selection of period raiment includes period fantasy dresses, ladies surcoats, Celtic dresses, Scottish dresses, peasant dresses, Saxon dresses, and Norse dresses. In addition to these, we supply many elegant ball gowns suited for royalty of different eras such as Victorian gowns, Baroque gowns, Regency gowns, and Elizabethan gowns. Our princess dresses, Lady in Waiting gowns, and noblewoman dresses create stunning period wedding dresses for a unique look on your special day. Many of our medieval dresses are made from fine materials like cotton velveteen or twill cotton with extravagant trims. The type of dress or gown you wore determined your social status in historical times. Who will you be - a Peasant, Wench, Servant, Noblewoman, or Princess?
Venetian Gown
This beautiful Venetian Gown recreates a design that was depicted in an Italian painting of two ladies of the Torella family on their palace terrace. With the elegant appeal of this gown, it is easy to see why noble ladies favor it.
Price: $152.00
Queens Formal Gown
The Queens Formal Gown is made from a light golden green baroque damask fabric. This Queens Formal Gown is perfect for Medieval Weddings, Renaissance Fairs and Medieval re-enactments.
Price: $344.00
Spanish Brial Gown
Based on a late 16th century gown that was popular in the Spanish region of Aragorn, the Spanish Brial Gown is a stunning example of how even the simplest of attire can be a beautiful, refined gown that is fit for nobility.
Price: $280.00
Renaissance Princess Gown
The Renaissance Princess Gown is actually a very simple dress. Because it is made from high-quality baroque damask, however, it takes on a much grander appearance, one that is fit for both nobles and princesses alike.
Price: $209.00
German Renaissance Dress
The German Renaissance Dress is an elegant and attractive renaissance-styled dress that is made from high-quality materials. Combining regular and ornamented taffeta, this dress can transform any modern woman into a renaissance beauty.
Price: $238.00
French Journe Gown
The French Journe Gown was historically worn by French women in the countryside region of Limousin, France, just before the area became famous for its porcelain. The gown is simple and elegant, accenting a womans natural beauty.
Price: $170.00
Iris Gown
This gorgeous Iris Gown is made of cotton and features bell sleeves along with a hood. The arms have white trim and each side of the dress has white cut out panels for contrast. This dress laces up in the back for a nice snug fit.
Price: $40.00
Courtly Renaissance Dress - Blue and Gold
The Courtly Renaissance Dress is made from high-quality dark blue velvet and gold baroque damask. It is a stylish garment that is fit to be worn by queens, despite the absence of any opulent decorations like jewels or metalwork.
Price: $511.00
Toledo Gown
Named not for the region it hails from but for the woman who made it famous, the Toledo Gown is a reproduction of the elegant gown worn by Eleanor di Toledo, the Duchess of Florence from 1539 to 1562, when she was laid to rest.
Price: $445.00
Brown Baroque Renaissance Gown
The Brown Baroque Renaissance Gown is a two-piece dress that is perfect for occasions requiring a look that speaks of refinement and elegance. Made in brown taffeta, this bodice and skirt pair laces in the back, making it adjustable.
Price: $250.00
Hildegard Princess Dress
The Hildegard Princess Dress is made of velvet with beautiful brocade fabric side panels. This dress has puffy upper sleeves giving it a unique appearance. There is a drawstring with loops on the back of the Hildegard Princess Dress.
Price: $154.00
Elise Dress
This medieval dress is our version of a casual outfit for European medieval ladies. The Elise Dress is hand crafted from natural flax linen with makes this dress light and dense at the same time.
Price: $143.00
Spanish Saya Gown
Dating as far back as 1492, the Spanish Saya Gown is a reproduction of a dress worn by the wise virgin statue in Plasencia Cathedral in Spain. This gown is a tasteful and elegant choice that any lady would be happy to be seen in.
Price: $185.00
Gypsy Queen Ensemble
The Gypsy Queen Ensemble is made of 100% polyester. The rich layers of the skirt are heavily accented with bells and a tasseled trim, while the vest, matching cloth belt, and veil complete this stunning piece.
Price: $89.00
Arabella Cotton Dress
The Arabella Cotton Dress is made of glazed cotton fabric with beautiful brocade fabric in the front. The dress has puffy shoulders with elastic cuffs. The back of the dress has drawstring and loops for easy adjustability and comfort.
Price: $114.00
Maid Marion Riding Ensemble With Corset
Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer this officially licensed replica of the Riding Ensemble worn by Maid Marion in the epic action-adventure motion picture Robin Hood from Universal Pictures and director Ridley Scott.
Price: $124.50
The Majestic Beauty Gown
This Sideless Nobel Surcoat was fashionable between 1340 and 1460, displaying a wide neckline and immensely large arm holes that reach the hips. This Surcoat is made with velvet.
Price: $272.00
Mirabelle Medieval Dress
The Mirabelle Medieval Dress is made of soft Velvet fabric that has beautiful golden lace in the front and along the neck. The lower sleeves of this medieval dress are bell shaped, giving it a unique look.
Price: $154.00
On Sale For: $125.00
Avington Nobles Gown
The Avington Nobles Gown is a dress fit for nobility that is made for the lady who wants to look her best, whether she is heading to her local ren fair or attending a fancy costume ball. Best of all, it is comfortable to wear too!
Price: $120.00
Austrian Kleid Gown
Demonstrating the blending of German and Italian style that was popular in Viennas cultural center, the Austrian Kleid Gown is an elegant and beautiful formal gown that is sure to make any woman feel like elegant nobility.
Price: $265.00
On Sale For: $240.00
Medieval Ladies Classic Dress
Even for a noble lady, not every occasion called for jewels and finery. Sometimes, comfortable, casual clothing was needed. For any medieval maiden, this Medieval Ladies Classic Dress represents casual comfort at its finest.
Price: $59.66
Lady of Leeds Gown
The Lady of Leeds Gown is made of soft velvet fabric with rich brocade lace used inside the sleeve and front waist line. This medieval gown has a very unique slit design on the sleeves.
Price: $183.00
Peasant Ensemble
The Peasant Ensemble is made of faux suede and has an A-line shape appearance. The bodice is made with faux suede very smooth in texture. The front is held together by laces and has fish bone inserts. The chemise is standard cotton.
Price: $208.00
On Sale For: $185.00
Nobles Gown with Lace Bell Sleeves
Subtlety is one of the strong points of this dress. From afar, the Nobles Gown with Lace Bell Sleeves has all the appearance of a beautiful garment, but it is only when it is viewed up close that its designs become more readily apparent.
Price: $112.73
Silver Gothic Dress
This dress is a beautiful, yet simple gothic-styled one-piece dress that is made from quality taffeta fabric. Featuring decorative embroidering, the Gothic Silver Dress is an dress that can be adjusted to fit almost any body shape.
Price: $247.00
Courtly Renaissance Dress - Red and Gold
The Courtly Renaissance Dress is made from high-quality red velvet and gold baroque damask. It is a stylish and elegant garment that is fit to be worn by queens, despite the absence of any opulent decorations like jewels or metalwork.
Price: $511.00
Courtly Green Brocade Dress
This elegant courtly gown is made from high quality green brocade with the combination of dark green velvet embellished with a detachable belt, jeweled broach, and beaded lace
Price: $166.00
White German Wedding Gown
This top quality gown would make a lovely wedding dress for any bride that chooses to get married in a Medieval or Renaissance theme. This gown is made of white cotton velveteen and comes with a inset that is available in many colors.
Price: $308.00
Medieval Princess Dress
The Medieval Princess Dress is made up of brocade that is embellished with golden lace along the edges and hem. Designed for a princess, the dress has been decorated with maroon flowers sitting right on the edge of the front slit.
Price: $163.00
Country Maid Overdress
Our Country Maid Overdress is the perfect way of adding a colorful flair to any chemise. The faux suede corset has a flowing green skirt already attached. With a simple lace-up front, you are ready for almost any occasion.
Price: $59.00
Medieval Mystic Dress Robe
There is a subtly deceptive quality to this Medieval Mystic Dress Robe. It looks like it is two pieces - an outer layer and an underdress. In fact, it is one solid piece, one that carries with it a mystical, beautiful appeal.
Price: $142.87
Medieval Overdress
Weather was not always a pleasant thing in the medieval lands. Even shelters as grand as castles can sometimes be drafty. But have no fear, because this Medieval Overdress is a perfect way to stay warm, while looking your best, too.
Price: $48.67
Medieval Contessa Dress
A countess was expected to look her best at all times, as she was expected to be the pinnacle of poise and grace. If you are looking to recreate such grandeur, then look no further than this lovely Medieval Contessa Dress.
Price: $176.00
Mysterious Maiden Medieval Dress
Everyone loves a mystery. When you wear this Mysterious Maiden Medieval Dress, you will be one of those mysteries, as this dress features an elegant look, as well as a full hood that is perfect for hiding who you really are!
Price: $156.69
HMS Gown
This layered crimson satin HMS Gown consists of 3 layers. The bottom layer of the gown is trimmed in black net. An attached overskirt is a black net with black rayon fabric that can flow freely or be tied in a bow for a sassy look.
Price: $149.00
Adora Dress
The Adora Dress is a simple yet elegant Linen Dress with sleeves. Like most of our medieval dresses, this garment has taken inspiration from original medieval samples. The Adora dress has detachable sleeves of contrasting color.
Price: $108.00
Sorceress Hooded Dress Robe
Not all medieval maidens were helpless princesses or ruling queens. Some were mystics and sorceresses of the highest caliber. The Sorceress Hooded Dress Robe has a rich design and loads of appeal, as well as a touch of magical style.
Price: $142.87
Rustic Medieval Dress
Even a peasant girl or a serf can look lovely and elegant in this Rustic Medieval Dress! Possessed of elegant features and a reserved design, this dress is one that inspires beauty without evoking the typical appearance of a noble lady.
Price: $134.00
Milady's Gown
This lovely gown is just as suited for attracting dashing young swordsmen as it is for accenting a queens regal beauty. This Milady's Gown possesses all the detailing that a woman would want out of a dress fit for old world nobility.
Price: $169.00
Medieval Maidens Everyday Dress
Elaborate design and beauty are not always one and the same. This Medieval Maidens Everyday Dress is proof that sometimes, something can be subtle in its design yet still beautiful thanks to quality and classic appeal.
Price: $65.63
Princess of Pearl Dress
The splendor and beauty of medieval era has never been more apparent than in this stunning dress. The shimmering satin material, elegant blue and gold trim and white high quality pearl used in place of buttons give it a royal look.
Price: $114.00
Lady's Casual Castle Dress
There is no better dress to wear around the castle and its grounds then the Lady's Casual Castle Dress. It is simple, elegant, and comfortable, and it is a great choice for those occasions that do not require an elaborate appearance.
Price: $153.00
Gold and Burgundy Baroque Renaissance Gown
The Gold and Burgundy Baroque Renaissance Gown is a two-piece dress that is perfect for occasions requiring a refined, elegant look. Made in burgundy and gold taffeta, this bodice and skirt pair laces in the back, making it adjustable.
Price: $290.00
Flowing Bell Sleeved Medieval Dress
Elegance is not always ornate designs and embellishments. Sometimes, it is a flowing gown that evokes the look and feeling of the medieval era. This Flowing Bell Sleeved Medieval Dress is just such a garment to do just that.
Price: $62.80
Peasant Over-Dress
This peasant-style overdress has side adjustable strings that provide a fitted look. The Peasant Over-Dress has contrast lace on neckline and hem to make it more impressive. A fabric belt with lace is included with the product.
Price: $97.00
German Renaissance Dress
Crafted from brown and cream taffeta, the German Renaissance Dress is an absolutely gorgeous renaissance-era dress that is perfect for making a woman look and feel like a regal and elegant lady of the noble courts.
Price: $168.00
Royal Renaissance Dress
The Royal Renaissance Dress is a very aptly named dress, with its elegant coloring combined with a number of tasteful decorations symbolic of royalty, this dress projects an heir of majesty no matter what lady finds herself wearing it.
Price: $378.00
On Sale For: $340.20
Draped Sleeve Renaissance Dress
Dressing up is not always easy, especially not if you are doing so with a historic motif. But if you want to look like nobility, then all you need is the perfect dress, and you will find just that in this Draped Sleeve Renaissance Dress.
Price: $345.00
Gold and Burgundy Renaissance Dress
Made from shimmering taffeta fabric, the Gold and Burgundy Renaissance Dress is a lovely outfit that is perfect for the woman who likes style and color. This dress fastens via laces on the back and is adjustable to fit your body.
Price: $247.00
Ornate Empress Dress with Hood
The style of this Ornate Empress Dress with Hood is, as its name implies, reminiscent of something that nobility would wear. With its color options, this dress also becomes something fit for ladies of any station to enjoy!
Price: $90.75
Lace-Up Gown
This medieval gown has been inspired by the court of the middle ages. Beautiful and stylish, this Lace-Up Gown is made from quality materials and is a sure-fire way to create an elegant look of medieval nobility and royalty.
Price: $242.00
White Toledo Gown
Named not for the region it hails from but for the woman who wore the style, the White Toledo Gown is a dazzlingly beautiful gown modeled on a dress worn by Eleanor di Toledo, the Duchess of Florence, Italy.
Price: $540.00
Nobles Bell Sleeved Medieval Dress
The beauty of a maiden is brought out by the finery of the era. Nothing offers up a classic image of medieval loveliness more than the Nobles Bell Sleeved Medieval Dress. The layered look and flowing design is iconic and stunning.
Price: $65.63
Countess Dracula Dress - Black and Silver
For an elegant and beautiful gothic look, nothing can beat the Countess Dracula Dress. This stunning dress is made from high-quality black and red fabrics and fastens with laces on the front and back, making it highly adjustable.
Price: $209.00
Striped Medieval Gown
The Striped Medieval Gown is an elaborate and stylish dress worn by the young ladies of royal Medieval houses. The Striped Medieval Gown has lace on the back that gives a proper fit and shape.
Price: $140.00
Medieval Maidens Mulberry Overdress
It is not hard to look stunning when you wear this flattering medieval gown. The Medieval Maidens Mulberry Overdress is a stylish and graceful choice that can be paired with chemises and blouses to create a host of beautiful looks.
Price: $120.00
Royalty Of Fleur De Lis Gown
This gown has been designed for the royalty of medieval period. Fleur-de-lis motif fabric showcases the combination of golden shimmer with this specific symbol of the medieval court.
Price: $256.00
Regency Gown
This gown is a gorgeous lighter weight ensemble, perfect for indoor or outdoor galas. The rich dark purple under dress has period tight sleeves and elegant trim, while the deep red jacket top has flowing open sleeves.
Price: $89.00
Medieval Lace Dress
Sometimes, a touch of lace is all you need to finish off your look. Other times, you might want more. Luckily, this Medieval Lace Dress offers plenty of lace for your ideal look, allowing you to garb yourself its intricate elegance.
Price: $115.87
Pixie Sleeved Dress with Hood
Elegance is something that women can appreciate. For those who want it with a touch of medieval flair, this Pixie Sleeved Dress with Hood delivers plenty of style in a casual design that will make any girl look like a medieval maiden.
Price: $78.19
Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown
Named for its decorations, the Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown is a stately and stunning dress made from velvet and taffeta. This beautiful dress creates an appearance that is nothing short of perfect for a glorious, stately queen.
Price: $560.00

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