Isabel Silk Dress
Item #: DC1106
The Isabel Silk Dress features a silk waist belt with beautiful lace on the cuffs and hem. This medieval dress is made of soft poly-silk fabric that gives it a royal yet casual look. This Medieval dress is great for Renaissance Fairs.
Price: $114.00
Lace-Up Gown
Item #: DC1199
This medieval gown has been inspired by the court of the middle ages. Beautiful and stylish, this Lace-Up Gown is made from quality materials and is a sure-fire way to create an elegant look of medieval nobility and royalty.
Price: $242.00
On Sale For: $230.00
Ladies Highland Dress
Item #: DC1096
Even the look of a Scottish lass off the moors can be easily done with the right attire. This Ladies Highland Dress is just right for those girls who want to recreate the iconic look of a bonnie lass right out of Highlands!
Price: $87.00
Ladies Hooded Nobility Gown
Item #: FX1118
A great deal of detail goes into the Ladies Hooded Nobility Gown, so much so that it would serve any noble lady well, whether she was wearing it as a disguise or as a casual garment when royal opulence is not necessary.
Price: $156.69
Ladies Layered Medieval Dress
Item #: FX1108
The loveliness of this Ladies Layered Medieval Dress makes it a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. It offers a beautiful layered look with no added hassle, making medieval beauty an almost effortless thing to achieve.
Price: $78.19
Ladies Medieval Dress
Item #: MCI-133
The Ladies Medieval Dress is made of rich red velvet and fitted with a closed back. The front of the dress has lacing which can be adjusted to fit your figure. The Ladies Medieval Dress includes a shoulder cape.
Price: $316.00
Lady Jane Dress
Item #: 100898
This elegant gown could easily be seen traversing the royal court of King Henry VIII. The rich burgundy cotton velvet body gives a form-fitted appearance and is exquisitely accented with a hand beaded gold trim.
Price: $189.00
Lady of Leeds Gown
Item #: DC1104
The Lady of Leeds Gown is made of soft velvet fabric with rich brocade lace used inside the sleeve and front waist line. This medieval gown has a very unique slit design on the sleeves.
Price: $183.00
On Sale For: $165.00
Lady's Casual Castle Dress
Item #: MCI-224
There is no better dress to wear around the castle and its grounds then the Lady's Casual Castle Dress. It is simple, elegant, and comfortable, and it is a great choice for those occasions that do not require an elaborate appearance.
Price: $153.00
Lady's Saxon Style Dress
Item #: MCI-222
The Lady's Saxon Style Dress is a great outfit for a woman who not only wants to look pretty, but also wants something that can be worked in, if need be. This simple yet attractive dress is made entirely from light-weight Muslin cotton.
Price: $230.00
Lenora Premium Cotton Dress
Item #: MY100306
A staple in the wardrobe of any fine lady, the Lenora Premium Cotton Dress is a stylish and versatile gown. With dramatic sleeves and a full skirt, this versatile dress makes an incredible base for any historic or LARP outfit.
Price: $61.00
Maiden Surcoat
Item #: DC1138
This Maiden Surcoat is inspired to represent the daily clothing style of medieval women. This medieval dress was worn by middle-class women. Maiden Surcoat is very comfortable and well made.
Price: $97.00
Matilda Chemise Gown
Item #: MCI-4025
This style features a long sleeve with a very wide bell sleeve cut at an angle that are in a different color than the body of the chemise. This ankle length chemise is an extremely versatile piece that should be a necessity for any Medieval or Renaissance wardrobe.
Price: $95.00
On Sale For: $90.00
Medieval Contessa Dress
Item #: MCI-347
A countess was expected to look her best at all times, as she was expected to be the pinnacle of poise and grace. If you are looking to recreate such grandeur, then look no further than this lovely Medieval Contessa Dress.
Price: $176.00
Medieval Demoiselle Dress
Item #: MCI-220
This dress is, all at once, noble yet conservative. The design of the Medieval Demoiselle Dress is extraordinarily in appearance. The use of high-quality fabrics takes the simple design of this dress and makes it extremely stylish.
Price: $219.00
Medieval Dress
Item #: DC1095
The Medieval Black Cotton Dress is a one of a kind garment with an authentic look, lacing on the back, and buttons along the sleeves. The Medieval Dress is made of 100 percent natural cotton with great quality trim.
Price: $143.00
Medieval Hooded Dress
Item #: CF-MCI-3003
Dress like a medieval Red Riding Hood or a Dark Queen at the next Renaissance fair or historical re-enactment with this stunning period gown. The Medieval Hooded Dress comes in two excellent color options.
Price: $78.19
On Sale For: $73.37
Medieval Ladies Classic Dress
Item #: FX1105
Even for a noble lady, not every occasion called for jewels and finery. Sometimes, comfortable, casual clothing was needed. For any medieval maiden, this Medieval Ladies Classic Dress represents casual comfort at its finest.
Price: $59.66
Medieval Maidens Everyday Dress
Item #: FX1117
Elaborate design and beauty are not always one and the same. This Medieval Maidens Everyday Dress is proof that sometimes, something can be subtle in its design yet still beautiful thanks to quality and classic appeal.
Price: $65.63
Medieval Maidens Mulberry Overdress
Item #: 101512
It is not hard to look stunning when you wear this flattering medieval gown. The Medieval Maidens Mulberry Overdress is a stylish and graceful choice that can be paired with chemises and blouses to create a host of beautiful looks.
Price: $120.00
Medieval Mystic Dress Robe
Item #: FX1106
There is a subtly deceptive quality to this Medieval Mystic Dress Robe. It looks like it is two pieces - an outer layer and an underdress. In fact, it is one solid piece, one that carries with it a mystical, beautiful appeal.
Price: $142.87
Medieval Overdress
Item #: FX1104
Weather was not always a pleasant thing in the medieval lands. Even shelters as grand as castles can sometimes be drafty. But have no fear, because this Medieval Overdress is a perfect way to stay warm, while looking your best, too.
Price: $48.67
Medieval Princess Dress
Item #: DC1177
The Medieval Princess Dress is made up of brocade that is embellished with golden lace along the edges and hem. Designed for a princess, the dress has been decorated with maroon flowers sitting right on the edge of the front slit.
Price: $163.00
Medieval Serf Hooded Dress
Item #: FX1113
Just because all medieval ladies and maidens are not royalty does not mean that they cannot all be lovely. The Medieval Serf Hooded Dress is made in the style of the lower social strata, yet it still creates a lovely medieval style.
Price: $78.19
Milady's Gown
Item #: 101437
This lovely gown is just as suited for attracting dashing young swordsmen as it is for accenting a queens regal beauty. This Milady's Gown possesses all the detailing that a woman would want out of a dress fit for old world nobility.
Price: $169.00
Morgan le Fay Gown
Item #: 101610
Morgan le Fay is known as the most powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legends. This lovely Morgan le Fay Gown is crafted from a combination of rich black and scarlet red cotton velvet for a bold appearance.
Price: $195.00
Mysterious Maiden Medieval Dress
Item #: FX1119
Everyone loves a mystery. When you wear this Mysterious Maiden Medieval Dress, you will be one of those mysteries, as this dress features an elegant look, as well as a full hood that is perfect for hiding who you really are!
Price: $156.69
Noble Ladies Velvet Overdress
Item #: FX1101
People say it is what is inside that counts. However, the outer layer can be just as important. This Noble Ladies Velvet Overdress is a stylish way to layer your medieval outfit as an actual queen might have back in the day.
Price: $64.37
Noble Medieval Dress
Item #: FX1115
Do you want extra oomph in your medieval attire? Are you looking for something guaranteed to get the attention of others? You might want to consider wearing this Noble Medieval Dress, because it can do just that!
Price: $70.65
Noble Medieval Overdress
Item #: FX1116
When it comes to making looks seem impressive and appealing, layering is a good way to go. This Noble Medieval Overdress makes that easy to do, as it is designed to go over any dress that you might already own and wear!
Price: $93.89
Nobles Bell Sleeved Medieval Dress
Item #: FX1107
The beauty of a maiden is brought out by the finery of the era. Nothing offers up a classic image of medieval loveliness more than the Nobles Bell Sleeved Medieval Dress. The layered look and flowing design is iconic and stunning.
Price: $65.63
Nobles Gown with Lace Bell Sleeves
Item #: FX1120
Subtlety is one of the strong points of this dress. From afar, the Nobles Gown with Lace Bell Sleeves has all the appearance of a beautiful garment, but it is only when it is viewed up close that its designs become more readily apparent.
Price: $112.73
Ornate Empress Dress with Hood
Item #: FX1109
The style of this Ornate Empress Dress with Hood is, as its name implies, reminiscent of something that nobility would wear. With its color options, this dress also becomes something fit for ladies of any station to enjoy!
Price: $90.75
Peasant Ensemble
Item #: MCI-131
The Peasant Ensemble is made of faux suede and has an A-line shape appearance. The bodice is made with faux suede very smooth in texture. The front is held together by laces and has fish bone inserts. The chemise is standard cotton.
Price: $208.00
On Sale For: $185.00
Peasant Gown
Item #: DC1136
This design looks simple, but a great deal of research has gone into it. The Peasant Gown looks great on almost any figure. The side lacing makes it more comfortable and stylish. The brown chemise seen in the pictures is not included.
Price: $77.00
Peasant Over-Dress
Item #: DC1140
This peasant-style overdress has side adjustable strings that provide a fitted look. The Peasant Over-Dress has contrast lace on neckline and hem to make it more impressive. A fabric belt with lace is included with the product.
Price: $97.00
On Sale For: $89.00
Pixie Sleeved Dress with Hood
Item #: FX1110
Elegance is something that women can appreciate. For those who want it with a touch of medieval flair, this Pixie Sleeved Dress with Hood delivers plenty of style in a casual design that will make any girl look like a medieval maiden.
Price: $78.19
Pleasant Peasant Dress
Item #: 100056
This dress was worn extensively by both the peasant and free class women during the 12th and 13th centuries. It is made from a poly/cotton blend that is super comfortable to wear during any season.
Price: $79.00
Priestess Dress
Item #: MCI-2344
Our Priestess Dress is truly a universal piece. With a little imagination you can create many different looks with just this one dress. When you start to pair this dress with other items, that is when you start to create your own style.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $42.75
Princess Chemise Gown
Item #: MCI-4023
This simple chemise gown is elegantly dressed up by its puffy sleeves with ribbons and a satin ribbon belt. This Chemise Gown can easily be an interchangeable item in your wardrobe, so many different looks are possible.
Price: $69.00
On Sale For: $65.50
Princess of Pearl Dress
Item #: DC1133
The splendor and beauty of medieval era has never been more apparent than in this stunning dress. The shimmering satin material, elegant blue and gold trim and white high quality pearl used in place of buttons give it a royal look.
Price: $114.00
On Sale For: $103.00
Red and Gold Medieval Dress
Item #: CF-MCI-3007
Show off your stunning period style at the next Renaissance fair or re-enactment with the addition of this vibrant red dress to your outfit. The Red and Gold Medieval Dress features long sleeves and a medieval keyhole neckline.
Price: $74.00
On Sale For: $66.60
Regency Gown
Item #: 101138
This gown is a gorgeous lighter weight ensemble, perfect for indoor or outdoor galas. The rich dark purple under dress has period tight sleeves and elegant trim, while the deep red jacket top has flowing open sleeves.
Price: $89.00
Renaissance Princess Gown
Item #: MCI-203
The Renaissance Princess Gown is actually a very simple dress. Because it is made from high-quality baroque damask, however, it takes on a much grander appearance, one that is fit for both nobles and princesses alike.
Price: $209.00
Renaissance Wedding Gown and Veil
Item #: 101046
This is one of the most magnificent dresses we have ever offered. Perfect for your storybook or period wedding, this stunning white gown is layered in polyester satin and decorated with hand made flowers and white artificial pearls.
Price: $215.00
Robe du Soir Gown
Item #: SS-SOIR
The Robe du Soir Gown is a vibrant and beautiful pair of garments modeled after an early 16th century Flemish gown. Including an inner and outer gown, these dresses look great on their own or paired with a classic white chemise.
Price: $266.00
Royal Renaissance Dress
Item #: MCI-304
The Royal Renaissance Dress is a very aptly named dress, with its elegant coloring combined with a number of tasteful decorations symbolic of royalty, this dress projects an heir of majesty no matter what lady finds herself wearing it.
Price: $378.00
On Sale For: $340.20
Royalty Of Fleur De Lis Gown
Item #: DC1134
This gown has been designed for the royalty of medieval period. Fleur-de-lis motif fabric showcases the combination of golden shimmer with this specific symbol of the medieval court.
Price: $256.00
Rustic Medieval Dress
Item #: MCI-345
Even a peasant girl or a serf can look lovely and elegant in this Rustic Medieval Dress! Possessed of elegant features and a reserved design, this dress is one that inspires beauty without evoking the typical appearance of a noble lady.
Price: $134.00
Scarlet Dream Dress
Item #: 100608
You will feel like you have stepped into the pages of a fairy tale when you wear this elegant gown. Made of a heavy red cotton velvet, the dress has full bell sleeves and a generous full skirt for a lovely look.
Price: $169.00
Scottish Lass Dress
Item #: MCI-119
The Scottish Lass Dress is a four piece dress ensemble consisting of a chemise, bodice, skirt, and shawl. The chemise is made of 100 percent white cotton and the bodice is made of a black high quality velvet fabric.
Price: $213.00
Scottish Tartan Dress
Item #: MCI-225
Modeled after traditional Scottish attire, the Scottish Tartan Dress is perfect for a highland lass or lady. This two-piece ensemble is available in a variety of different colors, and consists of an under-gown and an over-gown.
Price: $193.00
Silver Baroque Renaissance Dress
Item #: MCI-192
Crafted from brilliant silver taffeta, the Silver Baroque Renaissance Dress is an absolutely gorgeous renaissance-era dress that is perfect for making a woman look and feel like a regal and elegant lady of the noble courts.
Price: $230.00
Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown
Item #: MCI-185
Named for its decorations, the Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown is a stately and stunning dress made from velvet and taffeta. This beautiful dress creates an appearance that is nothing short of perfect for a glorious, stately queen.
Price: $560.00
Silver Rose Renaissance Gown
Item #: MCI-191
Made from high-quality taffeta and velvet, the Silver Rose Renaissance Gown is an exceedingly elegant dress that is fit for a queen. It all but exudes royal style and beauty without being overly ostentatious or excessive in appearance.
Price: $560.00
Sorceress Hooded Dress Robe
Item #: FX1103
Not all medieval maidens were helpless princesses or ruling queens. Some were mystics and sorceresses of the highest caliber. The Sorceress Hooded Dress Robe has a rich design and loads of appeal, as well as a touch of magical style.
Price: $142.87
Spanish Brial Gown
Item #: SS-BRIAL
Based on a late 16th century gown that was popular in the Spanish region of Aragorn, the Spanish Brial Gown is a stunning example of how even the simplest of attire can be a beautiful, refined gown that is fit for nobility.
Price: $280.00
Spanish Saya Gown
Item #: SS-SAYA
Dating as far back as 1492, the Spanish Saya Gown is a reproduction of a dress worn by the wise virgin statue in Plasencia Cathedral in Spain. This gown is a tasteful and elegant choice that any lady would be happy to be seen in.
Price: $185.00
Stella Dress
Item #: MY100131
The perfect way to start your next period ensemble, the Stella Canvas Dress offers a simple yet attractive design suitable for Ren faires and other festivals scheduled in warmer months due to its lightweight cotton fabric.
Price: $56.00
Striped Medieval Gown
Item #: DC1120
The Striped Medieval Gown is an elaborate and stylish dress worn by the young ladies of royal Medieval houses. The Striped Medieval Gown has lace on the back that gives a proper fit and shape.
Price: $140.00
The Majestic Beauty Gown
Item #: DC1132
This Sideless Nobel Surcoat was fashionable between 1340 and 1460, displaying a wide neckline and immensely large arm holes that reach the hips. This Surcoat is made with velvet.
Price: $272.00
On Sale For: $255.00