Complete Medieval Outfits for Women, Womens Period Ensembles, and Historical Clothing Sets by Medieval Collectibles
Country Maid Medieval Outfit
Item #: WENCH-3
A classic medieval look for the ladies, consisting of an open front overdress which reveals the muslin underdress (chemise). Wear the Muslin Underdress over or off the shoulder, depending on your mood.
Price: $144.00
On Sale For: $129.60
Fair Maiden Ensemble
Item #: WENCH-2
For the Renaissance Maiden who has duties to tend to but needs to look like an upper class lady at the same time, this ensemble is perfect for going to the market, wearing to the village feast, or whatever else you find yourself doing.
Price: $146.70
Pixie Dust Ensemble
Item #: MCI-4034
This flirtatious ensemble is made up of an underbust corset and two Enchanted Fairy Skirts. The Chemise is sold separately. This outfit is a must-have for any wench, maiden, fairy or steampunk enthusiast.
Price: $189.00
On Sale For: $180.00