10th Century Gotland Viking Cross Axe
Item #: AH-3544
Vikings are known as one of the most brutal groups of people to have existed, yet they were also capable of incredible craftsmanship. The 10th Century Gotland Viking Cross Axe is an homage to the bold weapons used by these warriors.
Price: $131.00
13th C. Medieval Bardiche
Item #: DS-1745
Faced with a charging knight on horseback, a foot soldier tended to have little to do but brace for impact. But this 13th C. Medieval Bardiche changed all that, opening up plenty of options when it came to armored, mounted opponents.
Price: $295.00
On Sale For: $240.00
13th Century Axe
Item #: ME-0120
A superb representation of medieval period weaponry, the 13th Century Axe emulates a styling that was used for two centuries. It is a spectacular piece of home decor that is perfect for displaying your interest in history.
Price: $441.00
13th Century German War Axe
Item #: XD636
The German war axe is based on a German 13th century museum piece. The axe is great for costuming or role-playing and cannot be sharpened. The German war axe also makes a fine wall decoration or home decor item.
Price: $76.00
14th C. Medieval Bardiche
Item #: DS-1744
The terror of the battlefield was the knight, charging the field on a warhorse with fine weapons and greater training. This 14th C. Medieval Bardiche, though was the foot-soldiers answer to these highly skilled mounted masters of war.
Price: $295.00
15th Century Axe
Item #: ME-0121
Beautifully crafted to replicate the design of a weapon known as a man at arms axe, the 15th Century Axe is a magnificent decoration and homage to the weaponry favored by knights and other cavalry warriors during the medieval era.
Price: $477.00
15th Century French Black Battle Axe
Item #: XD7601
With its form based on the weapons wielded by medieval infantry, the 15th Century French Black Battle Axe is an impressive take on historical combat axes. The single axe head and wrapped look grip have a distinct blackened look.
Price: $55.00
15th Century French Pewter Battle Axe
Item #: XD1601
Based on those used by medieval infantry, the 15th Century French Pewter Battle Axe is a remarkable replica weapon perfect for decorating your home or adding to historical weapon collections. A rampant griffin decorates the axe head.
Price: $55.00
16th Century Axe
Item #: ME-0122
During the medieval era, there was an exceptionally diverse selection of weapons used on the battlefield. The 16th Century Axe is a superb replica of one of these weapons, the battle axe, which was heavily favored by horseback warriors.
Price: $477.00
16th Century German Brass Battle Axe
Item #: XD5602
Bring 16th century warfare, or at least a decorative blade inspired by it, into your own home with the 16th Century German Brass Battle Axe! This replica weapon is an ornate take on the battle axes used by cavalry in southern Germany.
Price: $75.00
16th Century German Silver Battle Axe
Item #: XD6602
A powerful weapon used by cavalries in 16th century southern Germany, the 16th Century German Silver Battle Axe is a gorgeously detailed, decorative version of the historical single headed axe sometimes known as the Raven Peak.
Price: $69.00
17th C. German Axe-Pistol
Item #: FD1010
Warriors and weapon-makers were an inventive sort, always looking to enhance weapon functionality in any way possible. This 17th C. German Axe-Pistol combines the boarding axe with a flintlock to make a weapon that is doubly dangerous!
Price: $89.00
18 Inch Throwing Tomahawk
Item #: XN310B
This 18 Inch Throwing Tomahawk features a real wood handle and a carbon steel head. The handle can be replaced if necessary. This Tomahawk features an 18 inch handle and a 3.75-inch by 6-inch head.
Price: $29.00
18th Century War Axe
Item #: 600895
This axe features a rather distinctive looking head, and a lot of thought obviously went into this 18th Century War Axe to ensure that it was not only a distinctive axe, but also that it was a relatively effective weapon.
Price: $59.95
AirCobra Throwing Axe
Item #: KR0055
If you have been searching for an axe that is meant to fly then the AirCobra Throwing Axe could be the solution. This aggressive axe is sure to take your throwing game to the next level when launched into an unsuspecting target.
Price: $73.95
Alien Head Fantasy Axe
Item #: MC-FMT-002
The truth is out there. Unfortunately, if the truth is anything like this Alien Head Fantasy Axe, it is probably better that it remain hidden, as its potential alien wielders might not be the friendliest of extraterrestrials.
Price: $52.00
Antiqued Danish Axe
Item #: XH2099N
The Danish Axe by Hanwei is undoubtedly a fine example of the use of peacetime agricultural tools as weapons in time of war. Equally at home felling trees or adversaries, the axe evokes a fearsome picture of the woodsman at war.
Price: $140.00
Antiqued Throwing Axe
Item #: XH2042N
No collection is complete without the addition of a well-balanced throwing axe. The Antiqued Throwing Axe, made by Hanwei, could historically be used as a dangerous weapon in two ways, depending on the combat situation.
Price: $65.00
Archer's Axe
Item #: 600798
Archers always carried an in-close fighting sidearm, and an axe like this one was a perfect choice as both a good worker and a weapon. The flat poll was good for hammering in stakes and then the blade could be used to sharpen them.
Price: $60.00
Arrowhead Tomahawk
Item #: AC-07-859
This tomahawk takes the typical design of a classic frontier weapon and makes it elegant and attractive. The Arrowhead Tomahawk has the look of a true tomahawk with an added bit of style that makes it impressive to look at.
Price: $16.00
Axe Gang Hatchet by Cold Steel
Item #: 07-90AXG
For years, Cold Steel has tried to bring to market one of the devastating Chinese styled hatchets used with such awesome effect in countless Kung Fu movies. The Cold Steel version, the Axe Gang Hatchet, is an formidable weapon.
Price: $39.99
On Sale For: $32.00
Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok
Item #: VW-SH8000
The favored weapon of the legendary Norse ruler, the Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok is a replica of the actual Vikings TV show prop. This single-headed axe was essential to the rise of Ragnar from farmer to Earl, and from Earl to King.
Price: $139.00
Item #: XB0052
The Axehead was made especially for re-enactment use. The Axehead is crafted with a 3 mm thick edge, and a safety edge. A perfect replacement head or works well for hand made projects. No shaft is supplied.
Price: $25.00
Bardiche Head
Item #: MH-W0969
Create your own medieval weapon with the Bardiche Head. Great for the DIY inclined, this weapon component is ready for you to attach to a pole of your choosing. The bardiche was a popular weapon throughout historic Eastern Europe.
Price: $48.00
Battle Axe
Item #: 600754
This new axe has a back spike to add to its effectiveness as a weapon of war. The steel head is pinned to a hardwood shaft that is curved at the end on this effective hand axe. It is a great piece to add to your collection.
Price: $110.00
Bearded Axe
Item #: XB2076
In the hands of a novice, an axe is a deadly tool, one that makes great use of brutality and simplicity. In the hands of a skilled warrior, a Bearded Axe like this simple specimen transforms into a truly deadly weapon of war.
Price: $49.00
Bearded Axe Antiqued
Item #: XH1073N
Our Viking Axe and Bearded Axe are typical patterns, capable of cleaving helms or armour with impunity. They feature forged heads with sharp tempered edges and hardwood shafts. Both shafts are approximately 30 inches long.
Price: $125.00
Bearded Black Tactical Axe
Item #: MC-MT-AXE11B
When you are looking for a wide cutting blade and modern style, this Bearded Black Tactical Axe is an excellent choice. Blending Viking era lines with modern materials, this hand axe will work equally well for camping or defense.
Price: $18.00
Bearded Survival Hand-Axe
Item #: MC-MT-AXE4
When zombies rise, keeping your kit light is of the utmost importance. You want survival tools that perform many tasks to help keep you light and mobile. This Bearded Survival Hand-Axe is one tool with a high level of versatility.
Price: $26.00
Bearded War Hawk
Item #: 07-90PTWH
The Bearded War Hawk blends elements of the classic fighting axes of old with modern innovations to create a truly capable tool. This functional tomahawk features a wide, bearded head and reinforced, curved reverse tanto spike.
Price: $71.99
On Sale For: $57.60
Black AirCobra Throwing Axe
Item #: KR0055B
Send the Black AirCobra Throwing Axe flying down the field with determination. This stunning axe has been designed to sail with great ease and ferocity. You do not want to pass up the chance to gain such a devastating weapon.
Price: $73.00
Black All Purpose Outdoors Axe
Item #: MC-MX-8096BK
Just because something does not have extras does not mean it is bad. Just look at The Black All-Purpose Outdoor Axe, which features a simple design that is nevertheless incredibly functional and useful in the wild.
Price: $50.00