Wicca Jewelry

Combining elements of the occult, magic, metaphysics, and paganism, Wicca encompasses a wide body of beliefs, generally summed up in the Wiccan Rede - An it harm none, do what ye will. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we carry a variety of Wiccan jewelry including Wicca necklaces, Wicca pendants, Wicca earrings, Wicca rings, and other Wicca accessories. Many of these pieces feature common Wiccan motifs and symbols including pentagrams, moons, the Sabbats, heptagrams, pagan gods and goddesses, ravens, chalices, athames, and more. Whether you follow Wicca or simply appreciate the intricacy of these designs, you will be sure to find many pieces to enjoy here!
Wicca Accessories, Wiccan Bracelets, Wiccan Hair Accessories, and Wiccan Pendulums
Wicca Accessories

Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer a wide variety of Wicca jewelry accessories, including unique pieces like our Wiccan bracelets, Wiccan hair accessories, and Wiccan pendulums. Featuring many popular Wiccan motifs like pentagrams, crescent moons, and ravens, these striking accoutrements come in a variety of styles to suit men and women. Items like our pendulums can double as divination tools while also offering up a unique look!

Wicca Earrings, Wiccan Dangle Earrings, Wiccan Stud Earrings, and Wiccan Ear Cuffs
Wicca Earrings

Complete your look with a fantastic pair of Wicca earrings from Medieval Collectibles! We carry a great selection of hook earrings, stud earrings, and cuff earrings to ensure you can find the style you want. Our Wiccan earrings feature popular Wiccan motifs and symbols including pentagrams, crescent moons, ravens, heptagrams, and the eight Sabbat celebrations. Browse to see all of the eye-catching earring designs in this section.

Wicca Necklaces, Pentacle Necklaces, Pagan Necklaces, and Witch Necklaces
Wicca Necklaces

Here at Medieval Collectibles, we provide a variety of Wiccan jewelry options, including this selection of Wicca Necklaces. These intricate pagan necklaces include many of the popular motifs and symbols that exist in Wicca, such as the pentagram, the triple goddess, crescent moons, gods and goddesses, heptagrams, and so much more! Each piece comes with a chain or cord that makes it a simple addition to your favorite outfit!

Wicca Pendants, Wiccan Amulets, Pagan Pendants, and Pentagram Pendants
Wicca Pendants

Anyone can appreciate the striking appearances of the Wicca pendants found here at Medieval Collectibles. These Wiccan amulets and pagan pendants come in a variety of forms including Wiccan lockets and pendulum pendants. Many of these pieces feature popular Wiccan motifs and symbols such as the Wheel of the Year, pentagrams, ravens, crescent moons, chalices, and the triple goddess, among others. These pendants do not come with a chain or cord.

Wicca Rings, Pagan Rings, Pentagram Rings, and New Age Rings
Wicca Rings

Find the perfect Wicca ring here at Medieval Collectibles! We provide a wide array of pagan ring options, including signet rings and poison rings. Many of our designs feature eye-catching Wiccan symbols and motifs like the triple goddess, pentagrams, ravens, the Seal of Solomon, and more. Ideal for men and women, these ornate new age rings can suit anyone who is in the mood for a unique piece of jewelry.