No Evil Gnomes 3 Piece Set
Item #: CC11284
While garden gnomes have had a reputation as mischievous, they are truly harmless. In fact, as this No Evil Gnomes 3 Piece Set shows, some of them want nothing more than to help you make good decisions and to think nice thoughts!
Price: $28.00
Reading Forest Pixie Statue
Item #: 05-91713
This touching scene looks like it could have come from a storybook! The Reading Forest Pixie Statue depicts a pair of denizens of the woods as they sit atop a fairy house, one reading while the other watches on like a big sister.
Price: $33.50
Seated Forest Troll Statue
Item #: 05-91723
Not all monsters of the forest are mean, and most are not really monsters. For instance, this Seated Forest Troll Statue might be a troll, but it is harmless and prefers to be left alone so that it can just sit and watch the world.
Price: $19.50
Sleeping Garden Gnome Statue
Item #: CC9192
The garden gnome is perhaps the most common type of gnome in the modern day, and also one of the more popular decorations too. Garden gnomes are almost iconic, and this Sleeping Garden Gnome Statue stays faithful to that look.
Price: $60.00
Wine Holder Troll Statue
Item #: 05-91725
Trolls can be jovial, fun loving creatures, and that is doubly true when you offer them wine. Take this Wine Holder Troll Statue, which appears to love a good bottle of wine thoroughly, based on the smile this woodland denizen wears.
Price: $41.50
Zombie Crawler Garden Gnome
Item #: CC9770
Nothing is safe when zombies arise. Zombified animals will be the least of your worries, though, so long as gnomes are around. After all, no one suspects the gnome until you have a Zombified Crawler Garden Gnome gnawing on your ankle!
Price: $30.00
Zombie Girl Gnome
Item #: CC10211
Garden gnomes usually appear to be squat, cheerful underground dwellers with a mischievous glint in their eyes. The Zombie Gnome Girl displays a much creepier visage with her undead expression and yellowish pallor.
Price: $25.00
Zombie Lady Gnome
Item #: CC10210
Though gnomes usually appear as colorful, sometimes mischievous beings, this ghoulish gnome bears a decidedly wicked look. The Zombie Lady Gnome wears a cheery pointed purple cap and pink dress marred by blood and dirt.
Price: $30.00