Agrippa II LARP Rapier
Item #: CL-234
The Agrippa II LARP Rapier is the perfect role-playing weapon for duelists, musketeers, pirates, and even elven nobles. The LARP blade is crafted with excellent Renaissance style for fencing practice or stage fighting, as well.
Price: $146.00
Asmoth II LARP Rapier
Item #: CL-230
Contrary to popular belief, a rapier is not only qualified for noble and morally upright men of the Renaissance. As this Asmoth II LARP Rapier shows, a rapier can also be a dark and unholy weapon for cruel duelists like pirates.
Price: $180.00
Baen Si II LARP Sword
Item #: CL-190
Orcs are ruthless warriors, and they frequently loot their defeated foes for their weapons. Deep within their mountains, the Baen Si II LARP Sword has been stripped down and made to fit the big, strong hands of these savage fighters.
Price: $122.00
Bellator II LARP Sword
Item #: CL-182
When the Englishmen became aggressive, pushing into the heart of the land, many did not have the weapons to repulse them. Blacksmiths crafted the Bellator II LARP Sword for those who were to take up arms against the invaders.
Price: $96.00
Beowulf II LARP Scramasax
Item #: CL-200
Received at the coming of age, this Beowulf II LARP Scramasax will go to war with its wielder to seek plunder and glory. This Viking LARP sword serves well for close combat battle with its short, maneuverable design.
Price: $42.00
Big Bertha Wrench
Item #: CL-78
The Big Bertha Wrench is a very realistic reproduction of a metal wrench, which is perfectly suited to our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to edged weapons.
Price: $69.00
Brokk the Troll-Crusher LARP Hammer
Item #: CL-158
Brokk the Troll-Crusher LARP Hammer is a weapon worthy of the gods and made for man. It is a perfectly brutal armament fit for the hands of any LARP barbarian or monster-hunter, with just a touch of Viking style.
Price: $138.00
Captain Deep III LARP Pirate Saber
Item #: CL-229
When sailing the seven seas, shipwrecks and sea monsters are not the only things to worry about. A plundering pirate is by far the greatest threat! Finish off your buccaneer role play with this Captain Deep III LARP Pirate Saber.
Price: $180.00
Celtic Cross LARP Dagger
Item #: CL-223
Featuring a classic Celtic design, this Celtic Cross LARP Dagger makes a fantastic sidearm for any historically-inspired cosplay. Be prepared for practically anything with this dagger, from close combat to ceremonies and feasting.
Price: $70.00
Commando LARP Knife
Item #: CL-243
You may not always have the fanciest of weapons at your side, but you cannot beat the reliability of a loyal and sturdy knife. The Commando LARP Knife is ideal for skirmishes with raiders, mutants, and other wasteland wanderers.
Price: $59.10
Cretzer LARP Sword
Item #: CL-212
Inspired by the legendary weaponry of the German landskenechte, the Cretzer LARP Sword is a shorter version of the Katzbalger. This style of sword became popular during the Renaissance, when warfare underwent a great deal of change.
Price: $115.00
Darius Forger of Legacy LARP Hammer
Item #: CL-161
Created by magic and the greatest blacksmiths, the Darius Forger of Legacy LARP Hammer had to wait twenty years before a worthy bearer appeared. In the hands of Darius, the hammer defeated many enemies and countless orcs.
Price: $145.00
Dopplesoldner LARP Sword
Item #: CL-236
Those among the Landsknechts who wielded a two handed sword were said to earn twice the pay and were thus called Dopplesoldner, or Double Pay. The Dopplesoldner LARP Sword takes its name from these historic 16th century mercenaries.
Price: $195.77
Dorgen LARP War Hammer
Item #: CL-222
Very few weapons give the same bone chilling effect that a powerful war hammer does. The Dorgen LARP War Hammer is the perfect pole weapon for brutish, rough natured characters such as trolls, barbarians, monsters, and dwarves.
Price: $176.00
Edgar IV LARP Sword
Item #: CL-224
The most respected men always have a guardian who would die to protect them. The ideal sword for anyone who is considered a protector, this Edgar IV LARP Sword is designed with efficiency, realism, and above all else quality in mind.
Price: $150.00
Eli Wasteland Walker LARP Sword
Item #: CL-162
The Eli Wasteland Walker LARP Sword is a post-apocalyptic blade captured from the bloodthirsty mutants who roam the land in bands. Part curved blade and part knuckleduster, this LARP weapon has a worn, lethal look.
Price: $107.00
Elrendar II LARP Sword
Item #: CL-189
Years ago, the Elrendar was lost. An Elven lord recovered the blade from its hiding place within a sacred tree, beginning a new age for the Elves. This LARP scimitar displays a handle of striking silver and red coloration.
Price: $115.00
Emerald Knight II LARP Sword
Item #: CL-231
A true knight can talk the talk and walk the walk. Their confidence and air of nobility tell of their prowess before even stepping onto the battlefield. This Emerald Knight II LARP Sword will adequately convey your chivalry and skills.
Price: $185.00
Falcon LARP Halberd Head
Item #: CL-168
The Swiss people kept peace during the Renaissance with the use of long halberds that could keep the best knights at bay. The Falcon LARP Halberd Head can be mounted on multiple shafts like bamboo or PVC to suit different characters.
Price: $72.00
Faloril II LARP Bastard Sword
Item #: CL-225
While some people may underestimate elves as small and mischievous woodland creatures, you know better than that. As this Faloril II LARP Bastard Sword displays, elves can also be merciless and lethal warriors towards their enemies.
Price: $170.00
Faloril II LARP Two Handed Sword
Item #: CL-226
A master elven warrior needs a weapon that reflects their superior battle prowess. To adequately display your skills as a woodland soldier, look no further than this stunningly designed and durable Faloril II LARP Two Handed Sword.
Price: $175.00
Flynn LARP Saber
Item #: CL-239
With its swashbuckling shape, the Flynn LARP Saber is ideal for all manner of thieves, from pirates to air raiders. But the remarkably detailed eagle at its hilt makes this LARP weapon fit nicely into the hands of nobles as well.
Price: $103.42
Freeman LARP Crowbar
Item #: CL-103
A radioactive mutant or a flesh-hungry zombie may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but that is only when you are not equipped for the task. Pick up your trusty Freeman LARP Crowbar, and you will be ready to take on the zombicalypse.
Price: $77.00
Gladius II, Gladius Of Pompeii Sword
Item #: CL-68
The Gladius, Latin for sword, was used by the Romans between the 4th Century B.C. and the 2nd Century A.D. Its length was traditionally between 64cm and 81cm, an aspect that this LARP version copies to great effect.
Price: $115.00
On Sale For: $105.00
Gladius III LARP Sword
Item #: CL-227
Dating back to 3rd century BC, the gladius is a classic sword that was primarily used by Ancient Roman foot soldiers. The ornately designed Gladius III LARP Sword is the perfect sidearm for a Roman reenactor to have in their arsenal.
Price: $170.00
Griffin LARP Sword
Item #: CL-240
With stunning Celtic-inspired details that appear as though engraved onto its dark steel hilt, the Griffin LARP Sword is a weapon for those of nobility. A golden colored griffin symbol appears at the end of each of the guards arms.
Price: $103.42
Highlander III LARP Sword
Item #: CL-235
Wield the Highlander III LARP Sword at your next LARP event to defeat your foes with style and might. Inspired by the weaponry used in medieval Scotland, this expertly crafted LARP blade is ready to help you take charge of the fight.
Price: $136.67
Hunter LARP Knife
Item #: CL-245
The heritage of a Hunter is rooted in survival. The Hunter LARP Knife is an official LARP replica of the weapon seen in Bungies acclaimed video game Destiny, crafted with style and sturdiness to help you against hordes of the Fallen.
Price: $59.54
Iron Stake
Item #: CL-83
This real looking Iron Stake is part of the Zombicalypse collection. The Iron Stake, like all of Calimacils weapons, tested and balanced for combat. The Iron Stake has a fiberglass core, and it measures 24 inches long.
Price: $46.00
Ironclaw Pipe Wrench
Item #: CL-77
Our Ironclaw Pipe Wrench is a remarkably faithful replica of a very large pipe wrench similar to the ones we see in those horror flicks where blood, gore and zombie parts fly everywhere.
Price: $61.00
Jack the Sledge Hammer
Item #: CL-86
When it comes to putting zombies down for the count, nothing works as well as Jack the Sledge Hammer. In fact, this impressive LARP weapon serves well in putting any of your enemies down for the count in any great LARP events!
Price: $91.50
Kain II Conqueror of Dragons
Item #: CL-170
Well suited for LARP warriors and wizards alike, the Kain II Conqueror of Dragons is a stunningly beautiful two handed sword which employs an ornately detailed dragon motif to display the magnificent power of whomever wields it.
Price: $145.00