Admiral Bartholomew Black Pants
Item #: DC1416
Whether you are patrolling the airship hangars or perfecting your polo swing, these Admiral Bartholomew Black Pants will ensure you always turn up in style. These trousers are exceptional for Steampunk soirees or an officers ball.
Price: $44.00
Admiral Bartholomew Khaki Pants
Item #: DC1415
Perfect for a Steampunk outfit, polo player cosplay, or military costume, these Admiral Bartholomew Khaki Pants are made from a rayon/polyester blend fabric. These trousers feature attractive ballooning at the hips and a fitted waist.
Price: $44.00
Airship Pants
Item #: 101324
These chocolate brown cotton blend pants have piping along the pockets with five antiqued brass buttons (which matches the Airship Flying Vest) at the split bottom cuffs. Our Airship Pants are available in sizes Small through X-Large.
Price: $79.00
Black Airship Pants
Item #: DC1376
When you need distinctive pants to go with your equally eye-catching outfit, be sure to check out the Black Airship Pants. These steampunk trousers flare out around the upper legs and then become fitted around the calves.
Price: $50.00
Black Airship Steampunk Trousers
Item #: DC1332
Inspired by the Jodhpur pant style which became a favorite riding garment amongst the affluent in England in the late 19th century, the Black Airship Steampunk Trousers are a fantastic addition to your steampunk attire.
Price: $45.00
Black Architect Steampunk Trousers
Item #: DC1346
In an elegant and versatile design perfect for achieving the look of a Victorian gentleman or a steampunk engineer, the Black Architect Steampunk Trousers features a high-waist cut and a button up flap which covers the fly.
Price: $37.00
Black Embroidered Suspender Pants
Item #: 101524
Whether you want to add a vintage twist to your ensemble or create an authentic period look, these period trousers offer a fun choice. The Black Embroidered Suspender Pants display an intricate floral design over the straps.
Price: $85.00
Black Victorian Trousers
Item #: DC1331
Featuring a stylish high-waist Victorian cut that pairs exquisitely with suspenders and a matching period shirt, the Black Victorian Trousers are a magnificent way for steampunk fans to embody the look of a dapper Victorian gentleman.
Price: $37.00
Blue Airship Steampunk Trousers
Item #: DC1347
Developed in India in the late 19th century, Jodhpurs became incredibly popular riding trousers in England. The Blue Airship Steampunk Trousers employ this classic styling in a design which is perfect for the Victorian gentleman.
Price: $49.00
Britannia Empire Suspender Pants
Item #: 101332
These tight-fitting, black Britannia military pants make a period-perfect addition to your outfit. The Britannia Empire Suspender Pants feature a sharp design that looks great with period attire, as well as steampunk apparel.
Price: $49.00
Brown Steampunk Architect Pants
Item #: DC1328
An extraordinary piece of steampunk apparel, the Brown Steampunk Architect Pants feature a high-waist Victorian cut with a sleek button up flap which covers the fly and heightens the historic styling of this design.
Price: $37.00
Checkered Airship Steampunk Trousers
Item #: DC1348
Employing the classic design of Jodhpur pants, the Checkered Airship Steampunk Trousers are an exceptional way to embody the appearance of an elegant 19th century Victorian gentleman or of a prominent airship captain.
Price: $49.00
Classic Brown Steampunk Trousers
Item #: DC1345
Designed for the distinguished steampunk gentleman, the Classic Brown Steampunk Trousers mimic the styling of 19th century Victorian fashion, featuring a high-waist cut which pairs exceptionally well with the use of suspenders.
Price: $37.00
Classic Maroon Steampunk Trousers
Item #: DC1329
Catering to the needs of a steampunk aficionado who desires the appearance of a sophisticated Victorian gentleman, the Classic Maroon Steampunk Trousers is designed in Victorian fashion with a stylish high-waist cut.
Price: $43.00
Classic White Steampunk Trousers
Item #: DC1330
Embodying the elegant fashion of the Victorian era, the Classic White Steampunk Trousers are perfect for the steampunk enthusiast who is seeking to achieve the appearance of a refined gentleman, with its stylish high-waist design.
Price: $37.00
Elegant Steampunk Jodhpur Pants
Item #: DC1326
Delightfully designed in the classic style of Jodhpurs, the Elegant Steampunk Jodhpur Pants are a spectacular way for anyone with an interest in the steampunk genre to assume the identity of a refined Victorian gentleman.
Price: $45.00
Engineer Pants
Item #: 101322
These Steampunk engineer pants are fashioned in the turn of the century Jaipur (jodhpur) style. The brown striped cotton blend fabric gives an authentic period look. The Engineer Pants have a velcro closure around the calves section.
Price: $70.00
High-Waist Steampunk Trousers
Item #: DC1327
Exemplifying the fashion of a 19th century gentleman, the High-Waist Steampunk Trousers are an exceptional choice for any modern man who wishes to dress in the eye-catching style of this elegant period in history.
Price: $37.00
Inquisitor Pants
Item #: DC1403
Combining Victorian fashion aesthetics with modern convenience, these Inquisitor pants would look great as part of any Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, or Wild West ensemble. Wear these trousers to your next high tea on the promenade deck.
Price: $37.00
Jalopy Suspender Pants
Item #: 101565
These sleek, turn-of-the-century black pants are a great addition to your steampunk wardrobe. The front of the Jalopy Suspender Pants has a traditional thirteen metal button flap, giving them a true sophisticated look.
Price: $75.00
Mens Industrial Boot-Cut Pants
Item #: LS-160
Not any pair of pants will do when you are aiming for that formal Victorian look. You need something specifically made for that style. Few pairs of pants compare to the style, comfort, and cut of the Mens Industrial Boot-Cut Pants.
Price: $95.00
On Sale For: $72.00
Pinstripe Steampunk Pants
Item #: 101614
Everybody always thinks that a shirt or a jacket should be the focal point of an outfit. But when you find a great pair of trousers like these Pinstripe Steampunk Pants, you will see that the bottom half can be quite stylish, too!
Price: $72.00
Steampunk Brown Double Strap Chain Trousers
Item #: VG-0293
For a striking appearance, consider matching these trendy pants with your favorite shirts. The Steampunk Brown Double Strap Chain Trousers features a pair of faux leather straps and chains that clip to D-rings around the front pockets.
Price: $70.00
Steampunk Brown Emporium Trousers
Item #: PH-1131
The high waist design is a trend-setting steampunk look to wear with your favorite alternative style pieces. The Steampunk Brown Emporium Trousers add a sense of grandeur to your outfit with their high quality cotton fabric.
Price: $70.00
Steampunk Brown Gear Embroidery Strap Trousers
Item #: VG-0288
When you want a pair of pants that have a design suitable for your steampunk shirt, consider giving these a try! The Steampunk Brown Gear Embroidery Strap Trousers feature an oval, studded panel of gear embroidery on one leg.
Price: $117.76
Steampunk Brown Leg Pouch Detail Trousers
Item #: VG-0291
These steampunk pants offer a look that is both trendy and functional, making them the obvious choice to go with your favorite shirts. The Steampunk Brown Leg Pouch Detail Trousers display faux leather accents along the sides.
Price: $80.00
Steampunk Emporium Brocade Front Pleat Trousers
Item #: PH-1129
You will look like quite the dapper fellow dressed in these long, black steampunk pants! The Steampunk Emporium Brocade Front Pleat Trousers make a great piece to go with your favorite formal steampunk shirts.
Price: $75.00
Steampunk Striped Pants
Item #: DR-1221
These are the perfect pair of pants for fans of steampunk fashion! The vertical black and brown stripes of the Steampunk Striped Pants help to create a slim appearance that looks great with shirts, vests, and fun accessories.
Price: $81.00
Vintage Pants
Item #: MCI-360
When it comes to creating almost any look under the sun, black slacks are a must. These Vintage Pants pair perfectly with hundreds, if not thousands of other garments to create styles that can and will work wonders for any time period.
Price: $130.00