Licensed Comic Book Costumes

More than just a comic book fix, Medieval Collectibles offers a way for anyone to alter their look, transforming themselves into the superheroes that they love to read about! Our selection of Licensed Comic Costumes is carefully chosen so that when you want to enact some heroics or villainy, you can come here to get the right costume to change your look. This section is completely dedicated to all sorts of comic book costumes, drawn from the Marvel Universe, the DC Universe, and a handful of others. That means that this section is home to heroes and villains from all different stories and comic books, making it the number one place to look when you need a heroic or villainous costume! This section is home not only to adult costumes but also to childrens costumes as well, ensuring that when your young ones want to follow in your footsteps, they can dress up as their favorite heroes and villains as well! Of course, we also carry a wide selection of costume accessories, ranging from heroic prop weapons, masks, gloves, wigs, and make-up, all so that you can complete your transformation and your costume. This section is always changing as new comic book lines and superhero movies hit the market, so if you have a new favorite hero, make sure you pay us a visit at Medieval Collectibles. You might just be able to find the hero or villain comic book costume you want here in our Licensed Comic Costumes section.
Comic Book Costume Accessories, Comic Book Prop Weapons, and Superhero Costume Gloves
Comic Book Costume Accessories

Finish your superhero costume this Halloween with some of the fantastic comic book costume accessories that you will find at Medieval Collectibles. We offer licensed costume accessories from Marvel and DC that are suitable for adults and children to help the whole family create fun looks. Browse among our costume gloves, boot tops, latex masks, wigs, makeup kits, and prop weapons to find the perfect item to complete your outfit.

Kids Comic Book Costumes, Boys Superhero Costumes, and Girls Superhero Costumes
Kids Comic Book Costumes

No one is too young to be a hero! Medieval Collectibles offers a fantastic selection of kids comic book costumes that allow your child to dress up like their favorite superheroes and heroines from the Marvel and DC Comic universes. These childrens licensed costumes include popular characters like Captain America, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Black Widow, Spider-Man, and Supergirl, as well as an assortment of supervillains!

Mens Comic Book Costumes, Mens Superhero Costumes, and Mens Licensed Comic Costumes
Mens Comic Book Costumes

Comic book fans can enjoy their favorite characters in a whole new way with our Mens Comic Book Costumes here at Medieval Collectibles. We offer licensed superhero costumes and supervillain costumes from the Marvel and DC universes, including designs from popular superhero films and TV shows as well as the classic comics. Browse among our selection to find the perfect Justice League or Avengers costume for your next Halloween party or convention!

Womens Comic Book Costumes, Womens Superhero Costumes, and Womens Licensed Comic Costumes
Womens Comic Book Costumes

Show off your superpowers this Halloween with the womens comic book costumes at Medieval Collectibles. These fantastic superheroine costumes include popular characters from the Marvel and DC Comic universes, such as Black Widow, Gamora, Batgirl, and Supergirl, among others. Be sure to check out our supervillain costumes, too, with options like Harley Quinn and Catwoman. These licensed costumes make great picks for conventions and themed parties!