Gaming Gear

Sometimes you do not just play a game. Sometimes, you live it. At Medieval Collectibles, we understand that this does not mean loading up on weapons or acting out your favorite scene. It means showing love for the world that captured your heart and your mind. And here, in our gaming gear section, we offer a number of cool items and accessories that will let you do just that! Some if the items in this section are based on some of the most popular games on the market, giving you the chance to show off your love of them in your everyday life. Diablo, World of Warcraft, Halo, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, StarCraft - from action adventure to MMORPGS to first person shooters and more, we offer great gaming apparel. But that's not all. We also offer traditional gaming accessories and accents, like dice bags, stickers, personal accents like wallets and key chains, and more, all so that you can keep the game alive in your life. Plus, it is nice to have some souvenirs from your favorite series on your person, too. Whether you are gaming on the table or on the big screen, Medieval Collectibles says play on - and when you break for a dose of real life, check out or selection of gaming gear so that you can have something gamer-styled in your daily life too!
Assassin's Creed Gear and Collectibles
Assassin's Creed

It all started in November of 2007, when gamers were first introduced to Desmond Miles, and his ancestor, Altair. That was the first Assassin's Creed, and it was a hit-game that let players free-run and explore the old world in a way they had never before experienced. It has been popular since, and Medieval Collectibles caters to its fans who want tees, apparel, and collectibles from this hit game series.

Call of Duty Gear and Collectibles
Call of Duty

There is something intriguing and exciting about conducting clandestine military operations behind enemy lines, or fighting off the enemies in a battlefield where bullets fly and explosions shake the ground. Call of Duty has long been about military action and combat, and now, Medieval Collectibles is here to provide you with all the CoD gear that you could want!

Diablo Apparel and Gear

Now is the end of days in Sanctuary. The Archangel of Justice is silent - fallen, some say. And evil stirs across the land. Two great evils remain, and as a falling star streaks the sky and crashes in New Tristram, heroes from all walks of life gather to seek their destiny. Diablo III continues the tale of the youngest Prime Evil - Diablo, the Lord of Terror.

Fallout Gamer Gear, Fallout Merchandise, and Fallout Collectibles

Set in an alternate timeline during the aftermath of a nuclear war, the Fallout series has earned critical acclaim since its inception. New and longtime fans of the post-apocalyptic role-playing games can show their love by bringing home great licensed Fallout merchandise from Medieval Collectibles. These Fallout products include a variety of Fallout collectibles and gamer gear featuring popular characters.

Licensed Halo Merchandise, Halo T-Shirts, and Halo Collectibles

Join the interstellar war between humanity and the Covenant by checking out the fantastic licensed Halo merchandise offered here at Medieval Collectibles. We carry an excellent selection of official Halo t-shirts for men and women, Halo collectibles like Master Chief action figures, and Halo-inspired decor. Fans of this video game franchise are sure to find great Halo products that catch their interest here!

League of Legends Collectibles, League of Legends POP Figures, and Licensed League of Legends Merch
League of Legends

League of Legends by Riot Games has captured the attention of millions of players worldwide with its fast and fun gameplay style. Now, Medieval Collectibles offers fans of the online multiplayer battle arena game a chance to take their love of LoL to the next level with our varied selection of League of Legends gear featuring fan favorite champions. Shop official LoL collectibles, like our licensed Funko figures, depicting characters like Braum, Zed, Jinx, Lee Sin, and more.

Magic the Gathering, Magic the Gathering Collectibles, Magic the Gathering Clothing, and MTG Merchandise
Magic the Gathering

Fans of the immensely popular Magic the Gathering trading card game and spinoff novels will be delighted to see the MTG merchandise offered here. We carry many POP vinyl figurines and Legacy Collection figures of some of the most popular Magic the Gathering characters like Ajani Goldmane, Chandra Nalaar, Garruk Wildspeaker, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, and Nissa Revane. Our Magic the Gathering products provide a new way for you to enjoy the game!

Minecraft Apparel and Gear

Minecraft is a unique game. First developed as an indie sandbox game in 2009, it has since grown into a global phenomenon, mostly because of its freedom. Minecraft is, at its most basic, a generated world that allows the player to build virtually anything that their heart desires. And at Medieval Collectibles, we carry some merchandise that lets you show love for this unique game, no matter where they might go.

Mortal Kombat T-Shirts, Mortal Kombat Masks, and Mortal Kombat Collectibles
Mortal Kombat

If you cannot get enough of the violence and mayhem of the Mortal Kombat series, our Mortal Kombat merchandise at Medieval Collectibles gives you a great option for showing off your favorite game. We carry an array of Mortal Kombat apparel, including Mortal Kombat t-shirts with graphics of characters like Scorpion and Sub Zero and the Mortal Kombat logo. We also provide Mortal Kombat costume masks and other Mortal Kombat collectibles to suit any fan!

Super Mario Bros Collectibles, Mario Jewelry, Bowser Accessories, and Mario Bros T-Shirts
Super Mario

Super Mario is one of Nintendos oldest franchises. Centered on a plumber and his incredible journey to save a princess or two, these games are an iconic part of the video game culture. At Medieval Collectibles, we celebrate Mario and his games with a variety of items, including hats, scarves, jewelry, wallets, t-shirts, and more. More than Mario, this section also includes Peach, Luigi, Bowser, Yoshi, and other denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda, Zelda Collectibles, Zelda Apparel, Hylian Shields and Master Swords
The Legend of Zelda

Its dangerous to go alone! Take this. This is one of the most memorable and oft-quoted lines from a 1986 action adventure game that would go on to be the first in a long series of popular video games. The game in question is none other than The Legend of Zelda. The first of its series, this game is quite influential and helped to spawn a genre and a series that gamers have followed and loved for years.

The Witcher Merchandise, Witcher Apparel, and Witcher Collectibles
The Witcher

Fans of the Witcher franchise have a new way to enjoy their favorite video game with the assortment of licensed Witcher merchandise that we offer here at Medieval Collectibles! Take a moment to browse through our Witcher apparel and collectibles like Witcher t-shirts, Witcher keychains, and Witcher medallion replicas to find the perfect piece to show off your enjoyment of the action role-play game to all your friends.

World of Warcraft Apparel and Gear
World of Warcraft

In 2004, Blizzard Entertainment released an MMORPG that grabbed the attention of the masses, and has since grown into its own community, one that spans the face of the globe. Now, 9 years later, Azeroth is practically a world unto itself, and the World of Warcraft remains a popular game made unique by the fact that no two player characters are exactly the same - quite a feat, given the millions that exist!