Avengers 2 Mjolnir Crash Fleece Blanket
Behold the power and destruction of Mjolnir! The Avengers 2 Mjolnir Crash Fleece Blanket features an image of the trusty hammer of Thor, giving the visual effect like it was just thrown forcefully at your blanket.
Price: $29.00
Avengers 2 Mjolnir T-Shirt
Item #: NW-THOR09
Wielded only by those who are worthy, Mjolnir is rarely far from the hand of Thor, who can throw and recall it at will. The Avengers 2 Mjolnir T-Shirt depicts this impressive hammer stuck in place where it crashed.
Price: $20.00
Avengers 2 Thor Fleece Blanket
The Avengers face a new threat to humanity in the sequel film, Age of Ultron. The Avengers 2 Thor Fleece Blanket displays an image of Thor wielding his mighty hammer as he stands atop a pile of Ultron robots that he has destroyed.
Price: $36.00
Avengers 2 Thor Pocket POP Keychain
Item #: FK-5227
The Avengers return in the sequel film, Age of Ultron, to defeat a technological enemy bent on the destruction of the human race. The Avengers 2 Thor Pocket POP Keychain depicts the Asgardian god and wielder of the hammer, Mjolnir.
Price: $6.00
Avengers 2 Thor POP Figure
Item #: FK-4780
The Avengers return in the sequel film, Age of Ultron, to defeat a technological enemy bent on the destruction of the human race. The Avengers 2 Thor POP Figure depicts the powerful Asgardian god and wielder of the hammer, Mjolnir.
Price: $8.95
Avengers 2 Thor Standee
Item #: ND-11571
Mjolnir in hand, Thor prepares to defend your desk, shelf, or other flat surfaces. The Avengers 2 Thor Standee features the superhero in a sturdy cardboard form that pops out from its base to stand up and decorate your space.
Price: $6.00
Avengers 2 Thor Suit T-Shirt
Item #: NW-SUBTH05
Simply by adding this fantastic Age of Ultron t-shirt to your closet, you can transform yourself into the Norse god of thunder! The Avengers 2 Thor Suit T-Shirt displays a print of the armor worn by Thor in the film over the chest.
Price: $22.00
Avengers Loki Paperweight
Item #: MG-68294
Though he is the adoptive brother of Thor, Loki is a prominent enemy of the superhero group the Avengers of which Thor is a member. Both functional and decorative, this Avengers Loki Paperweight is a great way to display the villain.
Price: $52.50
Avengers Thor Hammer Keychain
Item #: MG-67419
Fans of Marvel Comics know that every time they hear thunder strikes or see a bolt of lightning, Thor is raising his mighty hammer! Now you can wield the weapon of Thor in your everyday life with the Avengers Thor Hammer Keychain.
Price: $9.00
Avengers Thor Paperweight
Item #: MG-68291
Thor is more than just a superhero. He is also a legendary Norse god, able to shake the whole world with one strike of his mighty hammer. Pay homage to the son of Odin in your home or office decor with this Avengers Thor Paperweight!
Price: $52.50
Chest of Thor Black T-Shirt
Item #: NW-V5914MS
Imbibe the spirit of Thor with the extraordinary style of the Chest of Thor Black T-Shirt, featuring a graphic which emulates of the chest of Thor. This graphic is set on a black shirt to enhance the details of his Nordic style armour.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $14.75
Chibi Loki Magnet
Item #: ND-95317
Powerful, scheming, and now adorably stylized, Loki is ready to grace your favorite metal surface when you decorate with the Chibi Loki Magnet. This officially licensed magnet makes a fine addition to fridges, lockers, and more.
Price: $6.00
Chibi Thor Magnet
Item #: ND-95312
Prince of Asgard, son of Odin, and God of Thunder, the Norse myth-inspired superhero has never looked so cute. Decorate your favorite metal surface with the Chibi Thor Magnet, depicting the Marvel Avenger in a charming cartoon style.
Price: $6.00
Deluxe Thor Hammer Lapel Pin
Item #: MG-68407
He may be a big and burly warrior, but the legendary Marvel superhero Thor still knows how to dress up and look good from time to time! Add a unique look to your formal or everyday attire with this Deluxe Thor Hammer Lapel Pin.
Price: $6.75
Glowing Eyes Loki T-Shirt
Item #: NW-MVHC005MSC1P1XX
The wittiest, sneakiest, and certainly one of the most frightening supervillains in the Marvel universe is Loki, the half brother and arch nemesis of Thor. His devilish eyes and evil grin come alive in this Glowing Eyes Loki T-Shirt.
Price: $16.00
Hammer of Thor Keychain
Item #: MG-67868
Whether on his own or as a member of the Avengers, Thor uses his mighty hammer called Mjolnir to defeat villains such as Loki and Ultron. Wield the weapon of an almighty god from your own keyring with this Hammer of Thor Keychain!
Price: $10.50
Light Up Thor Hammer Paperweight
Item #: MG-68167
Everyone knows that the hammer of Thor can make thunder and lightning, but did you also know that it can cause things to glow? This Light Up Thor Hammer Paperweight will create a look on your desk that is only fitting of a Norse god.
Price: $52.50
Loki Bust Bank
Item #: MG-68173
While you would normally not trust the God of Mischief with your money, you do not need to worry! This Loki Bust Bank is not the real Loki, only an incredibly detailed and stunning replica that any fan will be sure to absolutely love.
Price: $25.50
Loki Helmet Keychain
Item #: MG-67987
Famously depicted as the archenemy of Thor, Loki is one of the most diabolical tricksters in the Marvel universe. His iconic headwear is depicted in the Loki Helmet Keychain, a great item for fans of Marvel Comics and the Avengers.
Price: $9.00
Loki Kneel Heat Change Mug
Fill this fun Avengers mug with your favorite hot beverage, and before long you will see Lokis mischievous smirk start to appear! The Loki Kneel Heat Change Mug displays the imperious command, KNEEL, along the sides.
Price: $12.00
Loki Pocket POP Bobblehead Keychain
Item #: FK-4985
While the God of Mischief is often up to tricks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he sometimes works for the good. The adorable version presented by the Loki Pocket POP Bobblehead Keychain will keep a trustworthy eye on your keys.
Price: $6.50
Loki Sculpted Mug
One can search the galaxy far and wide for a trickster but look no further than this Loki Sculpted Mug. With this mug you can be as sly and witty as Loki while confusing the most steadfast of Norse gods.
Price: $15.00
Marvel Comics Loki POP Pin
Item #: FK-7281
It does not matter that he is a supervillain plotting to conquer the universe. The Norse god, Loki, attracts fans with masterful charisma. Enjoy your favorite trickster in delightful chibi style in the Marvel Comics Loki POP Pin.
Price: $3.80
Marvel Loki POP Figure
Item #: FK-4399
The supervillain Loki is both adoptive brother and nemesis of Thor, possessing magical and shapeshifting abilities. The Marvel Loki POP Figure depicts the movie version of this character as a chibi-style bobble-head doll.
Price: $8.95
Marvel Odin POP Figure
Item #: FK-4296
The father of Thor and ruler of Asgard, Odin All-Father possesses immense power that he can wield for many purposes. The Marvel Odin POP Figure displays the one-eyed character as a cute, chibi bobble-head doll.
Price: $8.95
Marvel Thor Hammer Necklace
Item #: BM-0237
An iconic hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor joins the fight to save humanity with his incredible hammer, Mjolnir. The Marvel Thor Hammer Necklace features a detailed miniature replica of the Norse hammer as a pendant.
Price: $12.00
Mighty Thor Keychain
Item #: AT-66075KR
Thunder and lightning resound in the sky. Using celestial force to unleash a divine hammer, the powerful Norse god overcomes the supervillain. Earth is safe once more thanks to the superhero featured in the Mighty Thor Keychain.
Price: $3.00
POP Lokis Army T-Shirt
Item #: FK-A00079
Join Lokis Army, Made to be Ruled states this shirt, featuring our favorite adopted Asgardian antagonist. Fans of the trickster tyrant will love this POP Lokis Army T-Shirt. This classic-fit shirt is suitable for casual wear.
Price: $16.00
Power of Thor T-Shirt
Item #: NW-THOR02
Inspired by the mighty Asgardian God of Thunder, the Power of Thor T-Shirt features a graphic of the magically imbued hammer wielded by Thor, which provides him ample new powers and amplifies those innate to his being.
Price: $17.00
Retro Loki Playing Cards
Item #: ND-52383
Based on the trickster god of Norse Mythology, Loki is sure to have some tricks up his sleeve. Use the Retro Loki Playing Cards for all your card tricks and card games alike. The Marvel villain appears on the back of each card.
Price: $6.00
The Mighty Thor Ceramic Mug
Item #: VP-26761
When the Norse God of thunder and lightning, Thor Odinson, lost his ability to wield Mjolnir, Dr. Jane Foster was deemed worthy of the role. The Mighty Thor Ceramic Mug features bold and bright imagery of the Goddess of Thunder.
Price: $10.00
The Mighty Thor Playing Cards
Item #: ND-52252
Norse mythology combines with mystique of comic book superheroes in this god-like character. The Mighty Thor Playing Cards let you to show your support for this powerful son of Odin and his famous hammer.
Price: $6.00