Comic Apparel, Accessories & Decor

There is more than one wide world out there to explore. Countless worlds exist in the pages of comic books, allowing readers to see stories unlike any other, played out between heroes and villains that make the normal world seem mundane by comparison. And at Medieval Collectibles, we pay our homage to the wide world of comics, and provide you with a range of great comic book apparel, accents, and accessories. Any given comic book is a portal to a massive world, populated with intriguing characters. Legendary heroes like Superman and Captain America save the day, while average Joes like Batman and the Punisher take it upon themselves to fight crime, their own way. Villains like Magneto, Thanos, and Lex Luthor struggle to enact every sinister plan. And all the while, wild-cards like insanely entertaining hero Deadpool and darkly villainous and mirthful Joker add their own blend of character to every adventure they take part in! And just as Medieval Collectibles pays homage by offering a selection of items ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to shot glasses and wall graphics, you too can pay your respects and show your interest, all by decorating, collecting, and wearing the items that you find here!
Comic Apparel

The fun may start when you pick up a comic book, but it does not have to stop when you put one down! At Medieval Collectibles, we offer a growing selection of comic book apparel, so that an enthusiast of any age can show off their favorite heroes and villains of fiction and fantasy at any given time, all by pulling a comfortable garment out of their wardrobe.

Comic Book Playing Cards, Comic Book Games, and Comic Book Card Decks
Comic Book Cards and Games

Show off your favorite hero or villain by hosting a card game with some fantastic comic book playing cards and games from Medieval Collectibles! Displaying popular characters from the Marvel and DC Comics universes, these collectible cards feature colorful graphics in vintage and modern designs. Take a moment to browse our Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Batman card decks to see a fraction of our wide selection.

Comic Book Decor, Comic Book Collectibles, and Comic Book Giftware
Comic Book Decor and Collectibles

Fans of the Marvel and DC Comics universes can find the perfect assortment of comic book collectibles and home decor here at Medieval Collectibles! We carry an excellent array of products like wallets, fleece throws, refrigerator magnets, drink coasters, tote bags, salt and pepper shakers, and much more. These items feature colorful superhero designs, showing popular characters like Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and others.

Comic Book Drinkware, Marvel Glass Sets, and DC Comics Glassware
Comic Book Drinkware

Medieval Collectibles makes it easy to stay hydrated while enjoying incredible superhero style. Our comic book drinkware includes a range of options perfect for sitting down and relaxing or taking on the go. Featuring designs from the DC Comics and Marvel universes, these superhero glass sets, shot glasses, mugs, pint glasses, steins, water bottles, goblets, and other cups are the perfect way to expand your collection.

Comic Book Jewelry, Superhero Jewelry, and Villain Jewelry
Comic Book Jewelry

In the world of comic books and superheroes, jewelry is not always just jewelry. Sometimes a tiara or a ring can be the magical or technological weapon that a hero needs to save the day! At Medieval Collectibles, we have a growing stock of comic book jewelry, so that when it comes to mimicking the style of your favorite hero or heroine, you can do just that with all manner of fun accessories and accents.

Comic Book Keychains, Marvel Keychains, and DC Comics Keychains
Comic Book Keychains

Take your favorite superhero or villain with you wherever you go with the addition of one of our comic book keychains to your backpack or set of keys. The superhero keychains from Medieval Collectibles feature fun designs from the Marvel and DC Comics universes, including popular characters like Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Superman, Poison Ivy, Thor, the Punisher, Ultron, and many more. These pieces feature logos and other icons, as well.

Comic Book Statues, Comic Book Figures, and Comic Book Busts
Comic Book Statues and Figures

Decorate your home or office with superhero style using the fantastic comic book statues and figures we offer here at Medieval Collectibles! In addition to traditional superhero figurines, we also carry options like comic book banks, action figures, bobbleheads, and paperweights. These collectible statues feature popular heroes and villains from the DC Comics and Marvel universes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and more.

Comic Poster and Comic Wall Art
Posters & Wall Art

Many endeavor to surround themselves with the things that they are passionate about. Art, history, and the like are all good examples of this. And if your passion lies not in history but in a world of iconic art, populated with heroes and villains the likes of which you've only imagined, than any number of the accents from Medieval Collectibles comic book posters and wall art will certainly appeal to you.