Comics Apparel, Accessories, and Decor
There is more than one wide world out there to explore. Countless worlds exist in the pages of comic books, allowing readers to see stories unlike any other, played out between heroes and villains that make the normal world seem mundane by comparison. And at Medieval Collectibles, we pay our homage to the wide world of comics, and provide you with a range of great comic book apparel, accents, and accessories.
Gaming Gear
Sometimes you do not just play a game. Sometimes, you live it. At Medieval Collectibles, we understand that this does not mean loading up on weapons or acting out your favorite scene. It means showing love for the world that captured your heart and your mind. And here, in our gaming gear section, we offer a number of cool items and accessories that will let you do just that!
Comic Book Costumes, Marvel Universe Costumes, DC Universe Costumes and Cook Book Character Costumes
More than just a comic book fix, Medieval Collectibles offers a way for anyone to alter their look, transforming themselves into the superheroes that they love to read about! Our selection of Licensed Comic Costumes is carefully chosen so that when you want to enact some heroics or villainy, you can come here to get the right costume to change your look.
POP Figures, Wacky Wobblers, and Pocket POP Vinyl Keychains
Our selection of POP Vinyl Figures, Pocket POP keychains, and Wacky Wobbler bobble-heads makes a great place to start a collection of your favorite characters. We carry these licensed figurines from popular games, shows, and movies like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Marvel, DC Comics, Magic the Gathering, Assassins Creed, and more! Our POP vinyl dolls and bobble-heads will look adorable on your shelf!
Comic Book Apparel and Collectibles By Character
There is no denying that when it comes to finding a personal favorite among comic book or game merchandise, it is sometimes much easier to look by character then by game or even universe. That is why Medieval Collectibles as created this category. Here, we sort all of our comic book and gaming merchandise by character, allowing you to immediately jump to a section that holds all the items that show off your favorite hero or villain.