Adventurer Leather Bracers
Item #: LP0333
Designed to aid you in your endeavors in battle, the Adventurers Leather Bracers blend style and functionality to provide rugged durability, ample protection, and an adjustable fit which allows for spectacular comfort.
Price: $45.00
Adventurers Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6020
This unique design will help you stand out in a good way! Hand crafted from 7/8 oz. medium weight leather with added layers for additional protection and appeal, these arm bracers will protect your forearms in style.
Price: $36.00
Albrecht Bracers
Item #: MY100247
Add the stunning Albrecht Bracers to any medieval armour ensemble for an authentic look. Made of naturally colored leather, these high quality arm bracers feature a layered construction with grommets detailing the segments.
Price: $44.00
Alistair Leather Bracers
Item #: MY100161
Arm protection is a must in any battle. After all, if you have no arms, you have no offense. These Alistair Leather Bracers are crafted from quality leather and a good way to shield yours forelimbs when you go off to war.
Price: $55.00
All Geared Up Steampunk Wrist Cuffs
Item #: DK6058
An awesome pair of leather wrist cuffs are a must have accessory for any Steampunk enthusiast. These wrist cuffs feature three unique gears that are also crafted from leather and colored bronze to resemble metal.
Price: $16.00
Anvard Leather Bracers
Item #: MY100165
A warrior uses every part of their body to deliver strong, agile attacks. Just a simple injury can quickly remind the fighter of this fact. Protectively shield your forearms in the comfort and style of the Anvard Leather Bracers.
Price: $55.00
Archers Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6007
This unique design will help you stand out in a good way! Made of durable 13/15 oz. armor grade leather with layers of 7/8 oz. for additional protection and appeal, these arm bracers will protect your forearms in style.
Price: $27.00
Artemis Leather Archers Bracers
Item #: MY100168
The target, and not the archer, should feel the burning power of the bowstring. Trusted arm guards will defend from the occasional slip. The experienced archer will value the quality protection of the Artemis Archers Bracers.
Price: $44.00
Banded Celtic Wrist Bracers
Item #: DK6011
These top quality wrist bracers offer 7 inches of protection. Made of top grain leather, these wristbands will add strength to support a sword arm or shield arm, and give the accent needed with almost any medieval or Celtic ensemble.
Price: $45.00
Banded Leather Arm Bracers - 13/15 oz.
Item #: DK6008-1
Our banded arm bracers have a great look to them, and you can get them with contrasting colors or all one color. Our banded arm bracers are made of made of armor grade 13/15 ounce leather with bands of 7/8 ounce leather on top.
Price: $51.00
Banded Leather Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6008
Our banded arm bracers have a great look to them. Get them with contrasting colors or all one color. Our banded arm bracers are made of made of 7/8 ounce leather with accent bands on top, providing protection for LARP and SCA.
Price: $36.00
Barbarian's Bracers
Item #: RT-115
Oftentimes for a barbarian, wrist and hand protection consisted of a leather wrist cuff or fur bracer. In these Barbarian Bracers, that classic style is recreated, making a pair of bracers that are as protective as they are stylish.
Price: $95.00
Baudouin Leather Bracers
Item #: RT-183
Based on the designs of leather armor worn by its namesake, these Baudouin Leather Bracers are built to Crusader standards, making them a pair of straightforward defenders that will suit any warriors style and need with ease.
Price: $60.00
Beaufort Bracers
Item #: RT-258
Arm yourself with the Beaufort Bracers, a stylish and striking set of two made of high quality leather. Their angular, layered segments and antique-inspired, decorative rivets are sure to add some edge to any armour ensemble.
Price: $75.00
Behan Leather Bracers
Item #: RT-184
An assassin does not need heavy metal plates to protect themselves from damage. Something lighter, like these Behan Leather Bracers, are more suited, offering the right combination of protection, lightness, and mobility.
Price: $65.00
Berserker Leather Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6023
These hand made leather arm bracers are crafted from the finest quality 13/15 ounce leather and accented with three steel O-rings, not only for looks, but for added protection. No sword will be cutting through these rings.
Price: $38.00
Bohemond Leather Bracers
Item #: RT-185
The Crusaders were known for their love of mixed protection, preferring to be light and mobile and well protected by pieces of armor. These Bohemond Leather Bracers are inspired by Crusader design, named after a Crusading general.
Price: $60.00
Borg Bracers
Item #: MY100259
The Borg Bracers are an essential staple in any LARP or medieval reenactment wardrobe. Made of high quality leather, these bracers are sturdy and versatile, as their classic design allows them to match almost any outfit.
Price: $28.00
Borge Leather Bracers
Item #: RT-186
The Borge Bracers are an intriguing part of any warriors defense, offering not only superb protection but also a distinctive design, one with a subtle sort of visual enhancement to any warriors preferred look or chosen style.
Price: $60.00
Brown Celtic Bracers
Item #: LP0164
Crafted to help you complete your desired persona in your LARP battle, the Brown Celtic Bracers exude a tone of someone who is one with nature, being made from high quality brown leather and displaying an eye catching Celtic design.
Price: $90.00
Celtic Cross Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6015
These arm bracers are made of 13/15 oz. battle ready leather. They feature a hand tooled cross with Celtic decoration riveted to the bracer. Great for use in the SCA, LARP and theater, they will give your outfit a custom made look.
Price: $36.00
Celtic King's Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6055
Our Celtic Kings Arm Bracers are composed of a leather base, which makes up the bracer, as well as an accent leather plate that has been fastened securely onto the base. On this leather accent plate rests an engraved Celtic cross.
Price: $60.00
Celtic Tree of Life Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6051
The tree of life is a reoccurring theme in dozens of mythologies and cultures. On the Celtic Tree of Life Arm Bracers, this symbol is represented in a motif befitting its Celtic theme, as the tree is surrounded by a massive Celtic knot.
Price: $45.00
Celtic Warrior Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6034
With three segments that are sewn together, the gentle curves on each segment creates a wonderful look when the bracer is laced up. Each segment features a beautifully detailed Celtic Cross decorated with Celtic Knotwork.
Price: $45.00
Chainmail Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6010
These bracers are the ultimate in forearm defense! They are composed of two layers of 7/8 leather and sandwich a 6x7 inch rectangle of chainmail. That equals 15 oz. of armor grade leather along with a chainmail reinforcement!
Price: $58.00
Childrens Celtic Arm Bracers
Item #: DK4103
Bringing historical beauty to a functional design, the Childrens Celtic Arm Bracers are perfect for children who enjoy LARPing, historically themed fairs, or simply want an extraordinary and authentic Halloween costume.
Price: $27.00
Childrens Dragon Scale Bracers
Item #: DK4100
Nothing says fantasy quite like the image of a dragon. Nothing says fantasy warrior like armor made from dragon scales. These Childrens Dragon Scale Bracers are just such an armor that recreates the layered look of dragon scales.
Price: $29.00
Circle of Dragons Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6026
This unique bracer design is crafted of 7/8 oz. leather and is accented with a circular cut-out of black leather and a double dragon decoration. Speed lacers are easy to secure by yourself, and they provide quite a comfortable fit.
Price: $36.00
Classic Fleur de Lis Bracers
Item #: DK6043
The Fleur de Lis is a common symbol from the Middle Ages. It is most frequently associated with nobility, oftentimes French nobility. The Classic Fleur de Lis Bracers are not for nobility only, though. They are suitable for anyone.
Price: $45.00
Classic Leather Bracers
Item #: DK6084
Accent your combat attire with the elegant design of the Classic Leather Bracers, featuring a solid colored leather design with black leather trim. These traditionally styled bracers are secured by laces for a snug fit.
Price: $42.00
Classic Warrior Bracers
Item #: LP0156
Designed to be used in LARP battles or for reenactments, the Classic Warrior Bracers are a superb choice for fighters who desire sleek and versatile armor which provides superb protection without restricting their movements.
Price: $82.00
Classic Warrior Leather Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6033
Our Classic Warrior Leather Arm Bracers combine a flattering shape with comfort and functionality. With three segments that are sewn together, the gentle curves on each segment creates a wonderful look when the bracer is laced up.
Price: $39.00
Conqueror's Bracers
Item #: RT-153
These bracers go above and beyond typical leather bracers. Not only are the Conquerors Bracers a great piece of armor to wear, but they are also extremely sturdy, thanks to their construction from both leather and metal.
Price: $200.00
Crusader Cross Leather Wrist Cuffs
Item #: DK6018
Looking for a simple accessory? Try our wrist cuffs out, that add that extra detail, but are not near the size of a full arm bracer. The same as our Plain Wrist Cuff, this style has the addition of a studded cross in the center.
Price: $12.00
Cuirass And Vambraces Of The Spaniard
Item #: 880016
From the movie Gladiator we bring you Armor of the Spaniard. The cuirass has all leather construction with adjustable straps. The vambrace and wrist strap are leather. Vambrace features adjustable leather lacing, so one size fits most.
Price: $236.00
Cultist Leather Bracers
Item #: RT-234
The air pulsates with energy, a mystical haze flows in a controlled manner around the form of a dark battlemage. With arms raised to unleash a devastating spell, all eyes draw to the ancient emblems on the Cultist Leather Bracers.
Price: $70.00
Dark Lord's Gauntlets
Item #: RT-141
Sometimes, gauntlets offer more than good hand protection. In the case of these Dark Lords Gauntlets, they look as though they will double as effective weapons, not to mention impressive devices that will intimidate your foes.
Price: $300.00
Dark Rogue Leather Bracers
Item #: DK6071
When a rogue needs armor, it needs to be flexible and supple enough to move and shift, and it absolutely must NOT hinder the wearer. These Dark Rogue Leather Bracers not only look great but also offers great protection too.
Price: $39.00
Dark Sorceress Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6085
Accentuate your battle attire with the exquisite stylishness of the Dark Sorceress Arm Bracers. These beautiful bracers radiate a stunning mystical appeal, extraordinarily emphasizing your desired fantasy persona.
Price: $47.00
Dead Man's Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6025
Our Dead Mans Arm Bracers will be a fine addition to any cut throat pirates gear. You have gotta protect those arms, so why not do it in style? The bracers have steel speed lacers which make lacing them up a cinch.
Price: $38.00
Deluxe Celtic Leather Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6013
The Deluxe Celtic Bracer has armor grade protection and a variety of accent colors to choose from. The Deluxe Celtic Bracer will provide arm protection during that re-enactment fight and is classic bracer with a Celtic charm.
Price: $36.00
Deluxe Hero Bracers
Item #: DK6062
Sometimes, when darkness overcomes the light, a hero must rise to fight back the darkness. These Deluxe Hero Bracers are a sign of a true hero, featuring all the detailing of a true heros shield, symbolically worn on a their arms.
Price: $79.00
Direwolf Bracers
Item #: DK6060
There is no better way to strike fear in the heart of your enemies then to strike with the power of a great wolf, and when you wear these Direwolf Bracers, your opponents will feel like wolves are coming for them with every strike.
Price: $65.00
Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs
Item #: DK6067
Imagine finding yourself face to face with not one, but two direwolves, their silver coats glistening in the light. While the actual beasts would be quite ferocious, these Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs are a bit tamer, at least in part.
Price: $39.00
Dragon Fighter Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6037
Our Dragon Fighter Arm Bracers offer an awesome fantasy design that are sure to be a highlight of any outfit. The shape of the bracer is similar to scales found on dragons, while a two tone color option creates an intimidating look.
Price: $52.00
Dragon King Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6022
These three dimensional bracers will definitely make a statement and add a sense of darkness to your look. There are three rows of sharp looking dragon scales with the center row scales being slightly larger than the outside rows.
Price: $55.00
Dragon Scale Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6001
These bracers are a compliment to the medieval or fantasy warriors outfit. They are the same as our Knights Studded Bracers but with our dragon scale effect applied. They are made of layered 7/8 oz. leather.
Price: $49.00
Dragon Scale Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6002
These bracers are a compliment to the medieval or fantasy warriors outfit, the same as our Plain Medieval Bracers but with our dragon scale effect applied. These are made of 13/15 oz. armor grade leather and are offered in many colors.
Price: $27.00
Dragon Slayer Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6035
These leather arm bracers offer an awesome fantasy design that are sure to be a highlight of any outfit. The shape of the bracer is similar to dragon scales. Perfect for light re-enactments, larping, theater, ren fairs, and costumes.
Price: $45.00
Dragon Slayer Vambraces
Item #: DK6070
Not only will a good pair of bracers help to keep your arms defended but they can also enhance your personal style too. And nothing says awe-inspiring quite like these Dragon Slayer Vambraces and their incredible scaled detailing.
Price: $45.00
Dueling Dragons Leather Bracers
Item #: DK6036
Our Dueling Dragons Arm Bracers are crafted from medium weight 7/8 oz. leather and are perfect for light re-enactments, larping, theater, and costumes. They feature an antique brass winged dragon concho on the lower leather segment.
Price: $48.00
Elven Leaf Wrist Bracers
Item #: DK6053
In most mythos, elves typically find a certain harmony with nature. That their armour draws inspiration from the forest is not surprising. By emulating this, we have created our own take on elven armor, the Elven Leaf Wrist Bracers.
Price: $25.00
Elven Leather Bracers
Item #: LP0180
As warriors, elves are known for their grace and skill. Their blades are made to take advantage of it, and their armor is made to protect without hindrance. Thus, these Elven Leather Bracers emulate the fantasy style of the elves.
Price: $90.00
Engraved Celtic Cross Bracers
Item #: DK6048
Very little can compare to Celtic artwork. It usually features intricate knots that are nothing short of stunning. And on the Engraved Celtic Cross Bracers is a perfect example of a stunning piece, rendered into a Celtic cross.
Price: $45.00
Engraved Fleur de Lis Bracers
Item #: DK6046
The Engraved Fleur de Lis Bracers proudly display one of the more popular symbols found in heraldry and still found across the globe today. This symbol of nobility was based off of the stylized appearance of the lily or the iris.
Price: $45.00
Fleur de Lis Arm Bracers
Item #: DK6016
These stunning arm bracers are made of 13/15 oz. battle ready leather. They feature a hand tooled Fleur de Lis riveted to the bracer. Great for use in the SCA, LARP and theater, they will give your outfit a custom made look.
Price: $39.00
Fleur de Lis Leather Wrist Cuffs
Item #: DK6029
These wrist cuffs feature a highly detailed Silver Cross with Fleur de Lis. The wrist cuff measures 3 inches high at the widest part and tapers down to 1.625 inches to perfectly wrap around your wrist. It comes in different colors.
Price: $19.00
Formed Leather Elven Bracers
Item #: DK6041
In myth, elves are typically an uncomplicated people. They value natural things. The Formed Leather Elven Bracers are inspired by these elven values, creating a bracer that is perfect for a woodland warrior or nature-enthusiast.
Price: $45.00
Geralt Potion Holding Bracer
Item #: MY100288
When wearing the Geralt Potion Holding Bracer, you can always be sure your most vital potion is within arms length. This high quality leather bracer features a convenient pocket intended to securely hold a single small bottle.
Price: $22.00
Germanic Eagle Leather Bracers
Item #: DK6045
The eagle has stood as a powerful symbol for hundreds of years. As far back as the Greeks, it has symbolized courage, strength, and foresight. And now, you can harness those traits for yourself, in the Germanic Eagle Leather Bracers.
Price: $45.00