Leather Masks, Steampunk Masks and Skull Masks by Medieval Collectibles Leather Masks, Steampunk Masks and Skull Masks by Medieval Collectibles
Leather Masks

Masks, it seems, aren't just for Halloween, especially when they're as great looking as these leather masks. New to Medieval Collectibles is our selection of leather masks, which come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. While each one alters your appearance, some are better for fantasy, while others would be perfect for any old or new-aged masquerade ball. These leather masks are top-quality accessories that are perfect for altering your appearance, or in this case, masking your face. They come in a diverse array of styles, ranging from gothic pieces that depict skulls to Steampunk pieces that merge the operatic flare of the Victorian age with the stylish metal and gears of Steampunk style. Others are pure fantasy and pure masquerade, depicting a number of fantastic images, ranging from dragons to butterflies and beyond. Each of the masks is crafted from high quality leather and hand painted to offer a supreme level of detail and color. The end result is that each of these leather masks is distinctive and unique in appearance, while also acting as a superb alternative to traditional latex masks. If you've got a costume party to go to, then these leather masquerade masks are great for wearing! Even if you're just adding them to a costume, a good leather mask is a great way to add a touch of style and flare, while also infusing a bit of mystery into the costume, too.
Bronze Steampunk Phantom Leather Mask
The phantom of the opera is a story about love and obsession that can be recreated any time you would like, with the added touch of steampunk flare, thanks to this Bronze Steampunk Phantom Leather Mask.
Price: $96.00
Iron Gear Steampunk Leather Mask
In the Iron Gear Steampunk Leather Mask, you will have all the Steampunk style you need, while looking like you are ready to go a fancy masquerade ball. This mask is quite interesting, partially because it merges old and new styles.
Price: $120.00
Birdskull Leather Mask
A typical skull can be quite frightening, but sometimes it is the truly monstrous ones that are the most startling. Inhuman features can make something terrifying, which is why this Birdskull Leather Mask is quite starling to behold.
Price: $140.00
Winged Skull Leather Mask
This skull mask is quite the sight to behold. Stunningly detailed, this Winged Skull Leather Mask looks like a creature out of myth, possessing an intricately detailed skull face that is accented by a pair of impressive, flared wings.
Price: $140.00
Celtic Greenlady Leather Half-Mask
For every greenman out there, there has to be a greenlady somewhere. This Celtic Greenlady Leather Half-Mask takes the typical style of a greenman and feminizes it, creating a mask of leaves and flowers fit for any nature-loving lady.
Price: $90.00
Biomechanical Skull Leather Mask
More than man and machine meet in this mask. The Biomechanical Skull Leather Mask merges man, machine, and death, creating a sinister looking skull that appears to be as much a machine as it is an agent of death.
Price: $140.00
Butterfly Leather Half-Mask
Fairies are commonly seen with butterflies and other beautiful creatures around them, a feat that lesser mortals can hardly manage. Thanks to this Butterfly Leather Half-Mask, you can echo the beauty of a fairy and her butterfly.
Price: $48.00
Celtic Greenman Leather Half-Mask
The Greenman appears as a popular figure to represent the power of nature and its wildness. This Celtic Greenman Leather Half-Mask will wreath your head in green foliage, giving you the appearance of a traditional greenman.
Price: $90.00
Finned Dragon Leather Mask
This mask turns its wearer into a gorgeous dragon, showing off fine detail in its every feature. The Finned Dragon Leather Mask offers an ideal example of fantasy at its best, allowing you to make the face of this dragon your own.
Price: $200.00
Grinning Skull Leather Mask
This skull may be smiling or simply frozen in its expression at the moment of death. The Grinning Skull Leather Mask is the perfect way to give yourself a deathly make-over, as this mask will change your face into pure white bone.
Price: $100.00
Bronze Steampunk Half Leather Mask
You will never be out of place in a Steampunk setting again when you have an accessory like this Bronze Steampunk Half Leather Mask in your wardrobe. This mask has all the style of an opera mask, infused with true Steampunk style.
Price: $50.00
Grinning Half-Skull Leather Mask
Even in death, this partial skull has something to smile about. The Grinning Half-Skull Leather Mask is a stunning vision of an iconic skull, transforming the wearer into a ghoulish yet grinning member of the afterlife.
Price: $80.00
Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask
This mask has a shape and form similar to the one worn by a classic phantom from literature, although this mask also features its own unique touches. The Geared Bronze Steampunk Leather Mask covers half the face with gear details.
Price: $90.00
Winged Half-Dragon Leather Mask
This mask gives its wearer a rare opportunity. Better than dragon-scales, this Winged Half-Dragon Leather Mask will make you look and feel like you are actually wearing a dragon, as it curls protectively across your face.
Price: $60.00

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